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SNAP! Rank Higher, Reach More, Increase Klout ~ it’s a SNAP!

Please join us this Friday for a Really Special Morning Session ~ RSVP now at
http://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/events/222788522/ (all details are there)!


Rank Higher, Reach More, Increase Klout ~ it’s a SNAP!

Wisconsin Business Owners Co-Organizers Maggie Mongan and Keith Klein will rock your web world with a detailed, fast-paced overview of SNAP – Social Network Auto Poster.

Thumbs up illustration made of social and web icons to illustrate SNAP - Social Network Auto Poster
SNAP! Increase Social Networking effectiveness effortlessly every time you update your website!

Learn how to add content from your WordPress posts and pages to more than 15 high-traffic social sites in minutes!

We will give you a quick overview of:

-why each social media platform is important for your marketing visibility
-what usually occurs on each of these platforms
-how all their back-links (to your site) drive your Search Engine Rank higher!

We’ll devote a couple of minutes+ to each great Social Networking Platform. This session will save you a great deal of time researching and learning about these platforms.

By the time we’re done, you will have great insights regarding which platforms may serve you best for your particular type of business. We’ll happily field your tech questions to the very best of our know-how!

Meet Our Experts: Keith Klein & Maggie Mongan

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Keith Klein: President & Internet Marketer 
OnYourMark, LLC  

Keith authored WebForging: A Practical Guide to the Art of Forging your Web Presence, a user-friendly how-to book covering the creation and marketing of a high-performing website. Timeless – relevant today and for sale after the presentation.

Maggie Mongan: President & Master Business Coach 
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. 
Maggie co-authored: “Optimizing Leadership and Business Performance: Organizational Development Themes Seen through the Lens of Classical Viennese Music” published in International Journal of Arts and Science, 2014, Volume 07, Number 04. Even though it’s scholarly, it’s a practical and mind-bending approach to Optimizing Leadership and Business Performance!

*** Come Join Us!***

Please join us this Friday for a Really Special Morning Session ~ RSVP now at
http://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/events/222788522/  Click on the “I’m going box” to start your registration now.  Location, maps, etc. are there for you.

NOTE: If you also want to attend our Lunch and Learn: “A Brand Called YOU”, you will need to register for each event individually.
Lunch & Learn link is http://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/events/44156212/

You will be able to reserve your seat to network with authentic relationship builders. Bring plenty of business cards to share!

***ITINERARY Friday, September 25, 2015***
SPECIAL MORNING WORKSHOP at Midway Hotel & Suites, I-94 & Moorland Road

Bring Your Business Cards & Make New Friends


11:00-11:15 OPEN NETWORKING*
* If you registered for the Lunch and Learn you will continue networking into that event.

***SPEECHES MAY BE VIDEOTAPED – Your attendance at
Wisconsin Business Owners means you may be shown on
tape…and you’re okay with that!
Thanks to David Kocol of http://www.DavidKocol.com

Please contact Keith with suggestions or questions.
Join us – RSVP now!


Mark Mullarky of Mullarky Business Systems! From 1-50 PCs,
Mark is your man for Computers and Computer Networks.
Learn more at http://www.MBSWI.com

Maggie Mongan of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Rocks!
Check out over 600 blog posts to simplify your business’s
profitability at http://www.BrilliantBreakthroughs.com

Greg Adlington of Next Gen Commercial Capital, LLC

Ron Chandler of Summit Investment Management, Ltd.

Lucas J. Robak of Skillset Life Coaching, LLC

Videographer David Kocol of David Kocol, LLC

George Schroeder, 3rd Generation Custom Home Builders

Karin Conway of KMC Marketing, LLC

—-Thank you to our sponsors!—-

Please join us this Friday for a Really Special Morning Session ~ RSVP now at


You can always get in touch with me through the “Contact Organizer” link on Meetup:

Regards, Keith Klein
Organizer, Wisconsin Business Owners
OnYourMark, LLC
Google Phone: 262-820-8201

p.s.: Bring handouts that we’ll make available to everyone!

p.p.s.: Link up with us on LinkedIn ~
Our focus moving forward is to extend the value of the enhanced relationships engendered in our Wisconsin Business Owners Group, in person and online. Extend the value of your deepening relationships at our LinkedIn Wisconsin Business Owners Group. Details to be announced.

Find and follow (and re-tweet) us @WisOwners at Twitter

…and get yourself on Lucas Robak’s list ( https://twitter.com/LucasJRobak/lists/wisconsin-business-owners  – a good one!) by talking with Lucas at https://twitter.com/lucasjrobak

 Please join us this Friday for a Really Special Morning Session ~ RSVP now at

To visit Wisconsin Business Owners on Meetup, go here:




About the author 

Keith Klein

Organizer, Wisconsin Business Owners meetup group with monthly Lunch & Learns since 2004 See my page at https://www.wisowners.com/members/profile/keith-klein-onyourmark-llc/

Founder & CEO, OnYourMark, LLChttps://www.OnYourMark.com

Services include: WisPress.com - 30SecondCommercials.com & More

Author, WebForging, A Practical Guide to the Art of Forging Your Web Presence

Main Side Hustle: Proprietor, Main Street Oil

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