Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner, Volume 3

November 13, 2019 is the release day of Brilliant Breakthroughs Cover Photo of Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner, Volume 3 #BrilliantBizBookfor the Small Business Owner, Volume 3

Did you know this is the 3rd Volume in a #1 Bestselling Business Book Series? This is how you get your copy:

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Many of your Wisconsin Business Owners Organizers and fellow Members are Authors of Volumes 1, 2, and 3!   Many of the Authors have been outstanding Presenters at our Lunch & Learns and Special Morning Workshops.

If you want a Brilliant 2020 Business Year – get your copy today to improve your business’s success rate with these practical strategies and techniques on Profitability, People, Productivity, and Peace.

Appreciatively, Author Team of “Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner: Fresh Perspectives on Profitability, People, Productivity, and Finding Peace in Your Business”

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Our new home, Thunder Bay Grille

Beginning with our morning session and our Lunch and Learn on September 27, we’ll be enjoying a new venue for Wisconsin Business Owners meetups: the Thunder Bay Grille.

Thunder Bay Grille (sepia)

Thunder Bay Grille

N14 W24130 Tower Place
Pewaukee, WI 53072

We’ll normally be using the Anglers room, a private room with seating for sixty.  Another room is available with seating for 120 if needed.

The food is great, and our menus will be similar to the all-you-can eat buffets we’ve enjoyed for over fifteen years at the Best Western Midway.  Our new venue is a few exits west on I-94, then turn right (north) on Pewaukee Road, and then left at the first stop light, Tower Place.  Click for Directions.

Our morning workshop (with coffee bar) and Lunch & Learn pricing remains the same.

We’re very impressed with the relaxed, yet professional environment, and with the staff’s eagerness to please.  If you’re looking for a place for your event, we recommend you contact Laura Michel at 262-523-4244 to learn more.

We’ll be announcing our Friday, September 27th events shortly.

You may want to set aside October time for Wisconsin Business Owners events at Thunder Bay Grille on the following dates as well:

Friday, October 25th  Double Header

Friday, December 6th  (We combine the last Friday of November and December into the first Friday in December because of the holidays)  Double Header

Friday, January 31st  Four presentations!

Friday, February 28th  TBD

Friday, March 27th   TBD

Friday, April 24th   TBD

Friday, May 29th  ?? TBD

Bring your appetite (for food, networking and learning) and plenty of business cards to Wisconsin Business Owners events at Thunder Bay Grille.

Thunder Bay Grille




VoIP Services Proudly Offered by Organizer/Sponsor Mullarky Business Systems

Enterprise-Grade VoIP Services for SMBs

Mullarky Business Systems offers a complete voice solution for small to medium-sized businesses with our cloud-based Cytracom VoIP services platform.

VOIP Services article first published March 2nd, 2018 at

Our platform surpasses traditional premise-based PBXs by offering new advanced features and functionality. Beyond that, our solution frees you from the constraints of typical legacy phone systems — CAPEX, ongoing maintenance, and the eventual need for total replacement.

Our VoIP services simplify your business by providing state-of-the-art advanced voice communications that allow you to focus on what you do best!

VoIPWhat makes Mullarky Business Systems and Cytracom VoIP Services Different?

When we say “VoIP Made Simple,” we really mean it!

Our partner, Cytracom, has developed three key pillars of service delivery that simplify the end-to-end experience for you, our valued customers.  Simply put, we offer an advanced voice solution that easily fits into an economical subscription plan without any long-term commitments. How about that for VoIP Made Simple?


Cytracom’s solution is only sold through their nationwide partner network. Cytracom provides training, certification, and support to their partners so we can successfully design and deploy your office phone system.


Our focus is on providing a world-class voice experience for our customers. Cytracom is so confident in their solution that they enable certified partners to offer it without a contractual commitment.


Phones are included in our simple monthly pricing model. By the way, we replace them every 36 months with our Evolve™ program and provide a lifetime warranty as long as you use our service.  We want to ensure you always have the latest and greatest for your communications needs!

VoIP Services and Features

We focus on developing features that meet the stringent requirements of our customers.  Listed below are some of our most popular features.


** Nominal Fees may apply

Desktop Integration

Today’s business worker is constantly in front of a computer while on the phone. CliqTM, our unique Windows® desktop application, allows you to monitor and interact with your voice communications while on the computer.

24×7 VoIP Services and Support

We believe in face time. What does that mean? Cytracom’s go-to-market model ensures that you get quality face time from local partners for sales and support. Cytracom works closely with us so we have all the training and tools needed to support you, and they stand behind us 24×7.

About Cytracom and Mullarky Business Systems

No one does VoIP services more simply than Mullarky Business Systems (MBS) and Cytracom.  With a unique platform built on Cytracom’s cloud-based technology, MBS and Cytracom give small businesses the quality and features of big business VoIP services.  VoIP provides a cost-effective business voice solution with the performance and reliability expected by today’s businesses. Cytracom’s solution is sold exclusively through their nationwide partner network, which provides the most direct, simple, and clear value for their customers.

Mullarky Business Systems VoIP Services
worked with Cytracom for over a year before offering VoIP services and phones to the public.  We wanted to be one hundred percent confident in the service and support offered by our partner.  We are!  We’ve installed systems that gained the respect of our clients while saving them money and enhancing their capabilities!  

See our page on VoIP.

Questions?  Call or contact us for a no-obligation quotation!

# # #

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Mullarky Business Systems is a proud PAL – Partner At Large – of u.s. referrals.  Contact Mark Mullarky for an invitation to sit in on a local u.s. referrals partner meeting.

Mark Mullarky is also an Organizer of Wisconsin Business Owners.  Thank you!

Dave Wallace, Bay Ridge Consulting Group, Member #1,800

Dave Wallace, Bay Ridge Consulting Group, Member #1,800

Dave Wallace became WisOwners Member #1,800 on May 19th, and attended Mark Mullarky’s Lunch & Learn presentation on Computer Security the last Friday in May. is a great site.  Unlike most websites with the goal of making everything easier to do online, makes it easier for people to meet IRL – In Real Life. makes it easy for your to find people with similar interests, whether personal or professional, and to get together with those like-minded folks.  

I recently attended a weekend-long workshop with half of our Wisconsin Business Owners Organizers and about a half dozen of our Members in attendance.  Dave Wallace and I were seated next to one another for most of the sessions.  It was, indeed a pleasure to get to know him.  (We’re both proud grandfathers!)  I might never have had that opportunity were it not for our meeting at a Wisconsin Business Owners Lunch & Learn.

Following is a ‘copy and paste’ of Dave’s info from his page at

Dave Wallace, our 1,800th Member, part of our Wisconsin Membership Growth.

Dave Wallace, our 1,800th Member.

David Wallace


Hometown: Whitefish Bay

Member since:  May 19, 2017

Has attended:  2 Meetups

Your business name:  Bay Ridge Consulting Group, LLC

Business to Business sales are more complex than ever. Small businesses that understand who their ideal customer is, and focus their energy on only those customers, will increase their average sale size, decrease the length of their sales cycle, and increase their pipeline close rate.  Translation: they increase revenue. Using proven processes and methods, along with 40 years’ experience in business development, Bay Ridge Consulting Group helps small businesses improve their sales effectiveness and efficiency so they can find, close, serve, retain, and expand their ideal customers. We help your sales team become sales superstars.

What geographic area(s) do you cover?

Primarily the Great Lakes region. National for the right opportunity (see ideal prospect description below).

Who is your ideal prospect?

A B2B organization with a sales staff of between 3 – 12, selling complex solutions, and, most importantly, willing to embrace the efforts necessary to affect transformational change in how they approach their sales function.

What is your web address?

Introduction  Founder | Principal of Bay Ridge Consulting Group

Our Members are serious, talented professionals.  We genuinely enjoy lunching, learning, and developing relationships with other business owners in a professional, yet personable environment. 

Come join us!  Register (FREE) at

Keith Klein, Wisconsin Business OwnersRegards,
Keith Klein
Wisconsin Business Owners

Happy Valentine’s Day – to over 1,200 Wisconsin Business Owners!

Wisconsin Business Owners Members pass 1,200

We passed the 1,200 Wisconsin Business Owners Member mark on Friday, February 12, 2016!

That’s 33% growth Since September 4, 2015 – just over 5 months!

Kudos to the speakers, organizers, sponsors and members!

We’ve gone over 250 followers on LinkedIn after a concerted effort last year.  Find us on many social sites that follow.


business connections via Wisconsin Business OwnersRegards,

mobile: 262-853-7900
keith …at, << for RSVPs ttps://

p.s.: Please contact us with your suggestions and questions for and about Wisconsin Business Owners.

Wisconsin Business Owners Hurdles 1,000 Member Mark!

Wisconsin Business Owners Tops 1,000 Members

Wisconsin Business Owners Group shot October 2015

Wisconsin Business Owners at October, 2015 morning session

I’m thankful for much this holiday weekend.  One of the professional milestones is the growth of Wisconsin Business Owners.

Wisconsin Business Owners surpassed the 1,000 Member milestone about the 12th of October, 2015.

I attribute our continued growth to a number of things:

  • Adding Maggie Mongan of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. as a co-organizer.
  • Maggie promptly recruiting a great group of fellow organizers to join Karin Conway, Maggie and me.
  • Continued quality of our presenters, great people delivering quality content.
  • The continued outstanding meals and service at the Midway Hotel.  Our chef got a standing ovation at our last Lunch & Learn!
  • continues to be a great tool for managing meetups and attracting new members.
  • Our Members themselves ~ many bring a friend, who brings a friend next time…that’s organic growth and we continue to enjoy meeting new people.

We encourage new members.  You don’t have to know someone to join…much of our whole purpose is meeting new people and developing relationships that last.  If you have questions, call Keith at 262-853-7900 to learn more.  We’ll make it easy to join (and it is free to join) by adding a Meetup video showing you how to sign up (again, for free!).

Thanks to all our Members, and on behalf of all our Members, we hope your holiday is filled with peace, prosperity, health and happiness for you and yours.


Keith Klein

p.s.: At the time of writing, November 28, we’ve added 79 more Wisconsin Business Owners members to our ranks!  That makes for another 7.9 % growth in members (on a much larger base) in just the last six weeks!