WisOwners Morning Special: A Proper Business “I’m Sorry”

“Hold me now, it’s hard for me to say, I’m sorry” (With apologies to Barry Manilow)
By Dave Wallace

Why is saying “I’m sorry” to a client so hard to utter?

When you apologize, do you apologize for your apology?

Did you know that if you apologize incorrectly it can be fatal to your business?

If you’re in business, you’ve made mistakes. After all, we’re all human. So, you apologize. But, did you know that a poorly crafted apology can do more harm than good? Learning how to apologize is critical to your ongoing success, unless you’re the one business in the world that never makes a mistake!

In our time together, you’ll learn about a scientific theory called the “Service Recovery Paradox (SRP)”.   You’ll learn the key elements of a business apology. And, most importantly, you’ll learn how to choreograph a business apology to maximize the SRP.

Register if you want to have your business apology prepared in advance!

ATTENDEE BONUS: Attendees to this workshop will be able to schedule a 1:1 meeting with me to discuss your sales challenges. It doesn’t have to be about business apologies, it could be about anything having to do with your sales/business development efforts. Special attendee pricing will be explained at the event.


Dave Wallace, our 1,800th Member, part of our Wisconsin Membership Growth. Sharing how to say "I'm Sorry" in business.

Dave Wallace, our 1,800th Member. Four-time presenter, showing us how to say “I’m sorry” in business.

B2B sales are more complex than ever. Status quo bias is real and incredibly difficult to overcome. Storytelling is of paramount importance in sales. And businesses that focus their storytelling efforts on organizations that they can confidently define as an ideal customer increase their average sale size, decrease the length of their sales cycle, and increase their pipeline close rate. Translation: they increase revenue.

With 42+ years of experience, there isn’t much I haven’t seen, experienced, or had to deal with. I’ve been where you’ve been, felt what you’ve felt, and done what you’ve done.

I’m a proud graduate of the University of Notre Dame. In November 2017 I became an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author. My wife and I have two children, one grandchild, and an English Setter.

Outside of work, I’m a passionate cyclist, logging in excess of 7,000 miles per year and running a 300+ person cycling group. Cycling has taught me three important things that are directly applicable to my work: humility, tenacity, and teamwork.

Dave Wallace
(414) 375-0253

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11:00 – ENDS
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WisOwners Lunch & Learn: Advance Stalled Sales

Friday, Feb 28, 2020, 11:00 AM

EXACTA Corporation
16595 W Bluemound Rd Brookfield, WI

13 Wisconsin Business Owners Attending

Advance Stalled Sales by Kelli Sample If you could close just 1 more sale each week, what would that mean to your business and income? Why do people get stalled in their decision to work with you? What do you have in common with those people that are stalled in their decision? Every business owner experiences time where it feels like everyone in th…

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Generational Shift – What Does it Mean to Your Business? Oct 25 Morning Workshop

Generational Shift – What Does it Mean to Your Business?

By Brad Herda

Generational shift – we have all heard the news stories, media reports, and have our own experiences and biases for every generation. The issue is no matter what you think as a Business owner, the generational shift will impact you and your business.

It will not matter if you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a Small Business with no employees. The shift in the market will impact you. So, the question is what does this mean for your business?

In this interactive workshop we will look at the 6 generations in the workforce through your experiences. Work to create impactful understanding of each generations needs and desires through your words. We will then work to understand the dynamics of communication across the generations. If you have employees, 1099’s or strategic business partners, knowing how to better communicate across generations will be a critical component to your business’s success.

At the conclusion of our event we will have created an opportunity for looking at your employees and business partners in a different light. As an avid golfer the following is so true “A bad attitude is worse than a bad swing.” — Payne Stewart. We need to ensure we have the proper attitude for every generation we work with.

Generational Shift

Brad Herda, Presenting Generational Shift


Brad Herda is a Certified FocalPoint Business Coach and has spent his life learning how things work including people. He has over 200 hours of behavioral and communication training from Northwest Partners Inc. while with Bucyrus International. Brad has been required to build teams, develop suppliers, and be part of one of Caterpillar’s largest integrations after the acquisition of Bucyrus in 2011. At the root of all his success has been communication and being aware of other’s perspectives. He has been a FIRST Robotics Mentor at Sussex Hamilton for 8 years and has seen how communication has changed across generations firsthand. Communication is one of the foundational elements Brad works on his client with as it is foundational to an origination’s culture and setting up expectations and accountability.

Direct Dial: 414.852.4224
Email: Bherda (at) FocalPointCoaching (dot) com
Website: www.bradherda.focalpointcoaching.com
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brad-herda/

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***ITINERARY Friday, Oct 25, 2019***

9:00 Registration & Open Networking. Full Coffee Bar, including juice, water and bakery included
9:30 Presentation by Brad Herda
11:00 Open Networking for an hour, followed by our
Lunch & Learn at Noon:
Learn how the new tax laws impact Your Business
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Are you being paid what you’re worth? “The entrepreneurial dilemma … what’s my worth?”

Are you being paid your worth?
“The entrepreneurial dilemma … what’s my worth?”

Your worth all begins with you … the value you provide to achieve the results someone is looking for and needing.

 “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” – Warren Buffett

If you don’t know your value, how do you know what price should be applied to your services
or products?

How many times do you find yourself quoting a price to a potential client, hearing crickets, then
suddenly begin the discounting dance just to win the new client? I’ve seen this pattern way too
often … in the corporate and in the entrepreneurial world. What it all boils down to is this one
question …

What is your value?

Your value is determined by you and for you. You value is one part of any pricing equation
when it comes to your services or products. As you understand and acknowledge your value in
the pricing equation, the practice of discounting will diminish or be accomplished in the correct
way. (Yes, there is a way to discount without giving it all away or seeming cheap.)
Let’s start here with your value or another word we’ll use for this is worth. Here are three areas
to consider as you approach determination of your worth.

The Process of Determining Your Worth

Decide what your work is worth to you
If you were your own client needing exactly what you offer, how much would you be
willing to pay? What would you receive from this investment? When you are looking at
your worth, this is the place to begin. As you answer these questions, you gain clarity on
the value of your offer whether that offer is a service or a product. Write down that
price point.

Do the research
Google others in your industry with similar products or services. What are they
charging? How do their packages or products/services compare to yours? Doing this
comparison and research is not to say ‘set your prices similar to others in your market’.
It’s a leveling point for setting your price. The biggest key is to determine your
uniqueness … that one thing that sets you apart from the competition. Write down your

Consider your investment
What is the time, energy, work that you put into your offering? Capture all the hours
you have put into providing what you provide in your offering. Capture everything. Be
sure to include marketing, training, contracted work, administrative work. Write down
those hours.

Doing this deep dive creates an awareness of who you are, what you offer, and how much value
you bring. This is a beginning point to owning your worth and pricing to reflect your value.

Yet, you may hear yourself saying …

“I feel guilty about what I charge people.”

You are not alone. Tons of people — including successful entrepreneurs &amp; small business
owners — have an emotional reaction in charging for their services and most especially in
setting price points that truly reflect their value.

Why do we feel guilty?

In my experience, there are 3 main reasons people feel guilty about what they charging:

1.  You don’t feel worthy or realize the value of your skills to others. In other words, you
don’t’ acknowledge your awesome talent saying “it’s nothing special.” But others see it
as very unique and valuable, and they’ll pay to learn from you or get your help or buy
what you have to offer.

2.  You don’t feel qualified as an expert. You always feel as if you need more experience,
accolades, or certifications. You are always feeling as if you are not enough for anyone
to want to purchase what you have to offer.

3.  You’re afraid of charging friends (or friends-of-friends) as this will damage
the relationship. People will not like you let alone trust you enough to buy from you.

How can you get away from this type of negative thinking? How can you charge
even more money, knowing you fully deserve it?

Begin with you … as it is always about you.

The bottom line:
      “If you don’t know your value, somebody will tell you your value. And it’ll be less than you’re
worth.” –Bernard Hopkins

If you don’t know your value and own your worth, how will anyone else know it? It call comes
from within you. When you can own your value, having those pricing conversations will
become easier and more natural. When you own your value, you begin to attract the type of
clients/customers that you want to have and not the ones you need to convince to work with

About the Author, Denise Hansard:

“Denise is like a drink of water for the soul … “

If you’re looking for someone to deliver motivation and inspiration while still having fun, you just found her.

Through her Southern style of storytelling, Denise shares how your past story doesn’t define your future, how to own your value in all that you do, break down the barriers of fear and being stuck, plus so much more.

Denise shares her message to audiences from all walks of the life. Her talks have been experienced by hundreds. Her messages are delivered via live talks, keynotes, retreats & workshops to organizations & people willing to stop playing small in life.

Denise truly is one of a kind!

To get the full skinny, join Denise Hansard at the    Photo of Denise Hansard for "Your Worth" Post
Wisconsin Business Owners morning workshop on Friday, September 27th.

In The Art & Science of Pricing program, Denise will help you to take deeper dives into how to determine your worth with her 3 E’s, the 5 P’s of pricing, what your Sweet Spot is and so much more. This program will be interactive along with having exercises for you to take the next step in your pricing worth.

RSVP at https://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/events/264210408/  Please register before 5pm, Tuesday, September 24th.

***ITINERARY Friday, Sept 27, 2019***

9:30 Registration & Open Networking
Ful Coffee Bar, including juice, water and bakery included
10:00 Presentation by Denise Hansard
11:00 Open Networking, coffee bar…followed by our Lunch & Learn at Noon

Noon:  Wisconsin Business Owners Lunch & Learn.  Register separately for the Lunch & Learn at https://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/events/264238651/

Our new home, Thunder Bay Grille

Beginning with our morning session and our Lunch and Learn on September 27, we’ll be enjoying a new venue for Wisconsin Business Owners meetups: the Thunder Bay Grille.

Thunder Bay Grille (sepia)

Thunder Bay Grille

N14 W24130 Tower Place
Pewaukee, WI 53072

We’ll normally be using the Anglers room, a private room with seating for sixty.  Another room is available with seating for 120 if needed.

The food is great, and our menus will be similar to the all-you-can eat buffets we’ve enjoyed for over fifteen years at the Best Western Midway.  Our new venue is a few exits west on I-94, then turn right (north) on Pewaukee Road, and then left at the first stop light, Tower Place.  Click for Directions.

Our morning workshop (with coffee bar) and Lunch & Learn pricing remains the same.

We’re very impressed with the relaxed, yet professional environment, and with the staff’s eagerness to please.  If you’re looking for a place for your event, we recommend you contact Laura Michel at 262-523-4244 to learn more.

We’ll be announcing our Friday, September 27th events shortly.

You may want to set aside October time for Wisconsin Business Owners events at Thunder Bay Grille on the following dates as well:

Friday, October 25th  Double Header

Friday, December 6th  (We combine the last Friday of November and December into the first Friday in December because of the holidays)  Double Header

Friday, January 31st  Four presentations!

Friday, February 28th  TBD

Friday, March 27th   TBD

Friday, April 24th   TBD

Friday, May 29th  ?? TBD

Bring your appetite (for food, networking and learning) and plenty of business cards to Wisconsin Business Owners events at Thunder Bay Grille.

Thunder Bay Grille




Fastpitch Networking Wisconsin

FASTPITCH NETWORKING Wisconsin- aka “Business Speed Dating” 

“Business Speed Dating” ~ Welcome to Fast Pitch Networking, Wisconsin.

Here’s your opportunity to talk with everyone!

Practice your “elevator speech” because you’ll want to have time to share, and to listen, to 30-second commercials…as many as 20++…at this event! Practice listening, too…so you can hit that pitch out of the park!

We’ll be starting promptly at 9, so get there early to register and to enjoy the Coffee (and Danish and Juice and Water) bar.

We just passed the 2,500 member mark last week, and these are popular events!

***ITINERARY for Wisconsin Networking, Friday, April 26th, 2019***

8:30 AM REGISTRATION: CHECK-IN (detailed directions and free parking instructions at Meetup.com where you RSVP)

9 AM Three minute introduction of our Hosts, Dennis Hill, Ph.D., and Wendy Frausto, both of EXACTA Corporation

9:03 The fastpitch Wisconsin Networking begins!
Attendees will be in Group A or B.Group A will be on one side of the tables. Group B on the other.
Starting at 9:03, you’ll have 4 minutes to:
A) Give your 30-second commercial
B) Give your 30-second commercial
A) Ask questions
B) Answer questions and ask your own
A) Answer Questions
A+B) Decide if you’d like to pursue a deeper one-on-one another time.  We encourage 1:1 meetings between our Meetup events for more Wisconsin Networking.
If appropriate and agreed upon, set up multiple follow-ups!

All the “A” people get up, move one chair to the right, and we start again!

We’re aiming to get each of us together with as many as 20 or 25+ other people for a great, personal exchange of ideas and info in two hours, plus networking time before the event and any arrangements to enjoy one-on-one meetings after our Wisconsin networking meetup!

***Business Speed Dating – Wisconsin Networking – Come Join Us!***
RSVP at https://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/events/260702665/
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You will be able to network with other authentic relationship builders. Bring plenty of business cards and brochures to share!


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