Wisconsin Business Owners Members over 1,200 – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wisconsin Business Owners Members pass 1,200

We passed the 1,200 Wisconsin Business Owners Members mark on Friday, February 12, 2016!

That’s 33% growth Since September 4, 2015 – just over 5 months!

Kudos to the speakers, organizers, sponsors and members!

We’ve gone over 250 followers on LinkedIn after a concerted effort last year.  Find us on many social sites that follow.


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NOTE  July 23, 2021 Update:
We’re now over 2,700 Members and growing!  Especially promising since we grew by a couple of hundred members during the pandemic despite not holding an event in seventeen months!

The Wisconsin Business owners site is going strong, too!  We easily rank in the top two (2) percent of all the websites in the world in terms of traffic to our site (a combination of unique visitors, return visitors, and pages viewed per visitor).  All the more reason to build a great back link to your business, and add your featured Member Profile to our list of members at WisOwners.com!

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Man Up! Woman Up! Meetup! Meet IRL – In Real Life!

Get Yourself to Woman Up ~ via Meetup!

Woman Up!  If you haven’t explored Meetup.com – take the time!  Men too!

Screenshot of Wisconsin Business Owners on Meetup.com for article titled, Man Up! Woman Up! Meetup! Meet IRL - In Real Life!

Man Up! Woman Up! Meetup! Meet IRL – In Real Life!  Find all sorts of groups close to you that match your interests.

Explore groups in your area that match your interests, both personal and professional, at Meetup.com  Please start with Meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners !   

Be prepared to take considerable time to really explore this extra-ordinary site that does more than connect you online.  Meetup helps you actually Meet Up IRL – In Real Life!   The more time you spend at Meetup, the more diversity you’ll find.  Yet it is all based on a solid, consistent foundation.

You’ll find that most of the folks who get involved in any sort of Meetup have something ‘extra.’  No, they’re not all total extroverts.  Indeed, I know quite a few who’ve overcome their naturally-introverted natures to get out and meet people.  That’s the extraordinary extra they possess – the drive to make human connections!  This is especially true of all sorts of people who simply want to share their (personal and/or professional) interests with like-minded folks.

 Ladies (guys can come too), Woman Up!

Picture of Karin Conway for article titled, Woman Up with Karin Conway and others at the War Memorial, Saturday, February 6th.

Woman Up with Karin Conway and others at the War Memorial, Saturday, February 6th.

One of our WisOwners Organizers is promoting a great event on at the War Memorial on Saturday, February 6th.  Learn more at Karin Conway’s Meetup Group at http://www.meetup.com/Holistic-Health-Nutrition-Enthusiasts/

Learn more about this coming Saturday’s Woman Up! event at http://www.meetup.com/Holistic-Health-Nutrition-Enthusiasts/events/228483012/

More details about this health and lifestyle expo at http://shepherdexpress.com/womanup

Karin is a veteran Organizer of Wisconsin Business Owners and we’re fortunate to have her!  She’s an extraordinary networker.  She organizes many other events, especially around the interests of health, nutrition, wellness and whatever is good for Mother Earth and the people who inhabit her.

Picture of Keith Klein, Organizer, Wisconsin Business Owners

Keith Klein, Organizer, Wisconsin Business Owners

Keith Klein
Organizer, Wisconsin Business Owners
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Owner, OnYourMark, LLC
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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro Linguistic Programming, more commonly known as NLP, is a model of communication and personality.

NLP explains how we process the information that comes to us from the outside world.  Our internal representations that we make about an outside event are not necessarily the event itself. It is only our perception of that event. Our perceptions of reality have been proven to be false.

When an external event takes place, we run that event through our internal processing department which creates our internal representation of that event.  This internal representation combined with a physiology creates our internal emotional state for that event.

When an event occurs, it comes in through our 5 senses:

  • Visual – What we see
    • How we look at it
  • Auditory – Sounds and words we hear
    • Even the way someone “says” those words to us
  • Kinesthetic – What we feel from an external feeling
    • The touch of someone or something
    • Texture
    • Pressure
    • Temperature
  • Olfactory – Smell
  • Gustatory – Taste

After the event comes in and our senses process it, we all naturally:

  • Delete – Everyone selectively pays attention to certain details of an experience and overlook others.  If we did not naturally go through the process of deletion, we would be overwhelmed with all the information the outside world gives us on a second-to-second basis.
  • Distort – This is when you make a false representation of reality.  Why do you think police detectives get 10 different stories from 10 different witnesses of the exact event?
  • Generalize – This is the way we learn.  We take global conclusions based on one or two experiences.  The information that we have helps us create a meaning of those conclusions that we derived at.

We have 5 filters that help us filter the information we have just deleted, distorted and generalized:

  • Meta-Programs – The way someone handles information.  Through this, you can predict someone’s state and therefore, their actions.
  • Values – Help us decide if our actions, and actions of others, are right or wrong.  They help us decide how we feel about our actions.
  • Beliefs – The deciding factor in our ability to do anything.  They either cause us to do what we do or cause us to not do what we want to do (limiting belief).
  • Memories – Some psychologists believe our actions are not caused by the present events, but rather the memories that we have accumulated and organized in a certain way.
  • Decisions – These are directly related to memories and the decisions you make may cause you to make, break or create certain beliefs. Most of our decisions are made unconsciously which came to us from an early age from outside factors such as your parents and teachers.

These 5 filters outlined above determine what our internal representation is of any event that is occurring right now.  This creates a certain state of mind which directly determines our behavior.

Every experience that you go through is made up inside your head.  We do not experience reality in a direct way.

University of Pennsylvania – 1970 Communication Study

  • 7% is the words we say
    • Content
  • 38% is our verbal behavior
    • Tone
    • Timbre
    • Tempo
    • Volume
  • 55% is our nonverbal communication
    • Body Posture
    • Breathing
    • Skin Color (it changes with emotions – this does not mean race or ethnicity)
    • Body Movement

In essence, when we communicate with someone – 93% of how the person perceives what you are saying is not what you are saying, it is how you say it.

Meet Our Expert: Lucas J. Robak

Certified Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (NLP) Practitioner.  NLP is language of the mind to  successfully achieve concise results  through subconscious  communication.

After finishing his BS Flight Operations degree, Lucas J. Robak  starting soaring on other horizons.  Instead of applying for pilot  positions, Lucas applied for 501(c)3  status for a nonprofit: Melody of Life  Foundation. For the next 4-5 years  Lucas floundered around in more  jobs than he can remember, while  now stating, “I was lost!” Eventually he became a high school tutor and substitute teacher, went to UW-Milwaukee to gain a Teachers Certificate. After 18 months of serving within the traditional education system, Lucas was disenchanted and became lost once more.

After meeting a local life coach, his eyes were open to another realm of possibilities. After great research, Lucas began his “Life Coaching” career and received his NLP Certification in June of 2014. After Lucas was diagnosed with MS in May 2014, he expanded the mission of Melody of Life to providing treatment, which is not covered by insurance, for people with MS (multiple sclerosis). Today, Lucas hosts inspirational fundraisers and provides empowering workshops leading up to and following each fundraising event to fiscally support the needs of Melody of Life.

Lucas J. Robak
Email: Lucas@LucasRobak.com
Address: PO Box 210921 Milwaukee, WI 53221
Direct Dial: 414-520-5163
Personal Website: www.LucasRobak.com
NLP and Life Coaching Website: www.SkillsetLifeCoaching.com
Nonprofit Website: www.MelodyofLifeFoundation.org