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Identifying Your Competitive Advantage

Posted in: Coming Events, Special Morning Session
Posted on: October 13, 2015

By Keith Klein

Please Join Us for a Special Morning Interactive Workshop:
Identifying Your Competitive Advantage
By Alicia Olsen   

The most successful businesses today are effective at telling customers why their product or service is better than alternatives out there. However, many small businesses I’ve worked with struggle to do this effectively. Often, business owners spend so much time working “in” their business day-to-day that they haven’t taken a step back to view a bigger picture, strategic view of their business. Identifying your competitive advantage can gain you more customers, more referrals and more repeat business.

How Developed Is Your Competitive Advantage?

Do you have a clear focus/understanding of what your competitive advantage is? (i.e., what makes your product/service superior to competitors?)

If you do have a defined competitive advantage, is it distinct enough to convince customers to choose you over a competitor?

Have you thought about this before, but struggled to identify a competitive advantage without some additional direction?

This will be a hands-on workshop designed to help you identify your competitive advantage, working through a four step process.

We’ll begin by defining “competitive advantage” and why it’s important, as well as sharing some examples. Then everyone will work through the four steps during a guided workshop. I’ll answer questions, we’ll share each other’s progress to learn from one another, and everyone will leave with a solid “competitive advantage” you can use to benefit your business.

If you’re not sure what your competitive advantage is (or if you saw my lunch session earlier this year and want to explore the topic deeper), join us for a hands-on workshop to determine YOUR competitive advantage.

Picture of Alicia Olsen, conductor of the interactive workshop, "Finding Your Competitive Advantage"
Alicia Olsen conducts the interactive workshop, “Finding Your Competitive Advantage”

Meet Our Expert: Alicia Olsen

Alicia Olsen is a marketing consultant and owner of Olsen Marketing Solutions. Prior to owning her business, she spent several years in the corporate world, including leading all marketing and advertising initiatives for a local software company of 250+ employees. However, as an entrepreneur at heart, Alicia chose to leave Corporate America and her prestigious position to open her own consulting firm.

Alicia loves helping companies tell their stories, and has a passion for business strategy and all things marketing. To help build her business Alicia recently completed her MBA. In her free time, Alicia enjoys traveling, soaking up as much summer sun as possible, and spending time with family and friends.

Contact Alicia Directly:
Phone: 262-391-4767

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Google Phone: 262-820-8201

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