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VISION CHALLENGE 2023 – featuring David Roberts

Posted in: Goals, Coming Events, Personal Development
Posted on: November 29, 2022

By Keith Klein

Photo of David Roberts, presenting Vision Challenge 2023 at Wisconsin Business Owners

VISION CHALLENGE 2023 – “The Secret To Designing Your Destiny” featuring David Roberts

Are you ready to be guided as you explore your vision challenge – the secret to designing your destiny in 2023? Then you’re in for a treat! Join us as David Roberts takes us from living in the land of zombies to embracing our warrior spirit as we move into this new year.

During this presentation, let’s discover this together for ourselves! Any Business Owner, Entrepreneur, or Warrior from any walk of life will benefit from this Life Changing discussion if you are ready to take control of your future.

If you want to design and live your ideal life, including business, health, relationships, lifestyle, and wealth, attendees will gain insight and clarity on:

  1. What Game are You Playing in Your Business?
  2. Your Level of Zombie Infection
  3. Your Business Persona
  4. Pursuing Your Unique Vision for 2023
  5. Answering the Question – “If anything were possible what kind of 2023 could you imagine?”

December 2, 2022 Virtual Meeting of Wisconsin Business Owners
Register at https://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/events/289839256/

## Our Presenter: David Roberts, The Vision Warrior

David Roberts – known worldwide as The Vision Warrior, has dedicated his life to Changing the World One Dream at a Time by helping aspiring leaders discover, clarify and progress toward their Dream Vision and building communities of servant leaders.  He is the author and creator of the Vision Challenge, the Host of One of the fastest-growing podcasts Warrior versus Zombie and soon to be author of Vision Warrior: Survive and Thrive in the Zombie Apocalypse.

During his 45+ years of business transformation leadership Dave has spoken to 10s of thousands of aspiring leaders and has been the driving force behind the growth and transformation of numerous organizations and individuals leading to billions of dollars in sales and immeasurable impact. His 30+ years in Corporate America, included numerous VP roles in GM and EDS where he worked with Fortune 500 companies in ALL industries culminating in his final corporate role as a Partner at Accenture where he helped build their outsourcing practice. Retiring in 2005 Dave began his pursuit of his Vision of “Impact and Making a Difference”. Since that time he has clarified that Vision and consulted with many for-profit and non-profit businesses to include a 3-year stint as an Executive Director and Executive Pastor.

## Our Meeting’s Agenda

Date: Friday, December 2nd
Location: Virtual Presentation link given at Meetup.com after you register (right column, half-way down), courtesy of Organizer Maggie Mongan

Time: 9:20 am to 10:45 am
9:20 Sign-In
9:30 Welcome & Intro
9:36 Speaker Introduction by Co-Organizer Maggie Mongan

David Roberts, The Vision Warrior
9:40 to 10:00 Program: Vision Challenge 2023
10:01 to 10:14 Program Q & A
10:15 Upcoming Events
10:20 to 10:42 Multiple Breakout Rooms
3 x 4-Minute Sessions for Getting-to-Know-You Networking
1 minute/person to introduce themselves and their business
2 minutes to discuss
10:42 to 10:45 close
Thank you for joining us!
Converse with Organizers, Offer Suggestions, Ask Questions, Get Contact Info…

##Registration Fee: $6.00
December 2, 2022 Virtual Meeting of Wisconsin Business Owners
Please Register Now at https://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/events/289839256/

It’s a bargain!

Keith Klein | Maggie Mongan
Tamara Burkett | Mark Mullarky
Mike Raber

Many thanks to our Sponsors!

p.s.: We’ll be recording this session. You’re registration says you’re okay with that!

p.p.s.: We strive to make Wisconsin Business Owners a great learning and personal/professional growth experience. If you can give us a 5-star rating anywhere, please do! If you can’t, please speak with me or another Organizer and tell us why so we may consider and address concerns!

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