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Panel of Experts: The Roaring 2020s of Smart Business

Posted in: Lunch and Learn, Coming Events, Technology
Posted on: November 15, 2019

By Keith Klein

Photos of Smart Business Panelists Nick Myers, Dave Rebro and Kerrie Hoffman

The Roaring 2020s of Smart Business

presented by a panel of AI & Technology Experts

This panel of experts knows you need to transform your business into a Smart Business to succeed. The future isn’t when we do this. The time is now.  Now is the time to begin your preparations and transitions. If you do, will you be preparing your business to accelerate at the same pace of technological advancements – or at least be able to keep up with advancements.

The panelist will reveal little-known insights to create a Smart Business for the 2020s and answer attendees questions about tech and AI for business advancement. This will be insightful and FUN! It’s time to make the 2020s roar – in 21st century style. This is a special event where the panelist will field your questions.

Panelists invite you to bring your questions…  Wisconsin Business Owners invites you to pass the word and bring a guest!

Smart Business Panelists (each previously presented very well for us):
Kerrie Hoffman, Digital Business Transformation & Human Potential Expert, and #1 Bestselling Business Author
Nick Myer, Voice-First Technology Innovator & AI Futurist, and TEDx Speaker (Hint: See Nick Myers TEDx talk for a taste of the future that is already here)
Dave Rebro, Technology Therapist & Productivity Results Coach, and #1 Bestselling Business Author

Panel Moderator: Keith Klein
Event MC: Tamara Burkett

Come Join Us!***
RSVP at https://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/events/266266314/
Click on the “I’m going box” to register now.
You’ll reserve your seat to network with other authentic relationship builders. Bring plenty of business cards and brochures to share!

*** ITINERARY Friday, December 6, 2019 ***
11:00 MEET & GREET
Registration & Open Networking for Lunch & Learn begins

11:30am – All-You-Can-Eat Buffet & Salad Bar!
Network with great Business Owners and build strong
relationships at your table while Lunching.

12:00 to 12:06 – Break (Get seconds, dessert, etc.)
12:07 – Keith’s Minute
12:08 – MC : Tamara Burkett
12:11 – Smart Business Panelists fielding Attendee Questions
1:25 – Prize Drawings
1:30 – End… or stick around to build relationships!

Thanks to our Organizers & Sponsors:

Tamara Burkett https://www.wisowners.com/members/tamara-burkett-selassie-enterprise/

Ron Chandler https://www.wisowners.com/members/ron-chandler-summit-investment-management-ltd/

Maggie Mongan https://www.wisowners.com/members/maggie-mongan-brilliant-breakthroughs-inc/

Mark Mullarky https://www.wisowners.com/members/mark-mullarky-mullarky-business-systems/

Mike Raber https://www.wisowners.com/members/mike-raber-micro-business-corporation/


Jamie Shibley https://www.wisowners.com/members/jamie-shibley-the-expressory/

Dave Walter https://www.wisowners.com/members/dave-walter-tite-spot-welders-inc/

Gail Yaeger https://www.DoveCelebration.com

Ben Houle https://www.ButchersCatering.com

Jennifer at https://www.MainStreetFraming.com

Gerard I. “Jerry” Schritz at https://www.Intelegist.com

Your attendance means you accept being shown on tape.

Come Join Us!***
RSVP now at https://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/events/266266314/

Keith Klein https://www.wisowners.com/members/keith-klein-onyourmark-llc/
Founder & CEO, OnYourMark, LLC

About the author 

Keith Klein

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