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About Mike Raber & Micro Business Corporation:

Mike Raber is a # 1 Amazon Bestselling Author, Speaker and Coach. Mike’s skills and capabilities of leadership, building relationships, growing different businesses and writing a book with his young daughter on the secret to raising financial savvy kids has helped to make him the father and wealth coach that he is today. He offers a bonus of having a real estate, business, insurance and financial planning background, From years of working and training the youth with his daughter, Mike has found a great need for programs covering financial management and business development designed for our youth. Mike has become a mentor to many young entrepreneurs. He’s all too happy to share snippets of his personal and professional journeys – especially learning to optimize Eastern and Western philosophies and practices for better living.   I think it’s safe to say, “Mike knows people, especially the concerns of our youth.” Some have said he’s the millennial mentor. He is a great connector of the young and not so young. You’ll be glad you took time to meet Mike.