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Movement Means Money, Lynda Knudtson Leads Special Morning Session

Posted in: Special Morning Session, Health & Wellness
Posted on: September 20, 2017

By Keith Klein

Movement Means Money

   Wisconsin Business Owners Special Morning Workshop 
by Lynda Knudtson

Movement Means Money.
Do you find you don’t have the energy to finish everything you need to do in a day?
Do you have a little brain fog during the day?
Has the doctor told you your “numbers are off”, but you have no time to fix them?
As a business owner you know you can’t be everywhere, but wouldn’t you like to have the physical and mental energy to get more down? More energy and better health can help your business and your life.

Business owners spend a lot of time on the business, but not much time on the owner/themselves. Lack of physical energy and mental clarity rob us of a very precious commodity. Time!

During our time together I will explain several reasons why you should invest 30 minutes a day moving your body. I will also share tips on how a busy business owner can make the most of those precious 30 minutes of physical activity.

If you are interested in learning how Movement Means Money – what the return on investment of 30 minutes of physical activity is – then join us and discover how to become more physically energized and mentally clearer.  M

Please register to attend this special morning session on Sept 29th. RSVP at https://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/events/243384190/  Also, if you plan to attend Lunch and Learn on Sept 29th, you will need to register for it as well.  Each event has its own registration and payment process.

Meet Our Expert: Lynda Knudtson

Picture of Linda Knudtson, presenting Movement Means Money
Movement Means Money, presented by Linda Knudtson

Lynda has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years as an instructor, personal trainer, and public speaker.  She holds a BS in Sports and Fitness Management from UW-Parkside and holds certifications through ACSM, ACE, and the Cancer Exercise Training Institute. Over the past  25 years, Lynda has worked with Parkinson’s patients, cancer survivors, athletes, weekend warriors, and people who just want to squeeze a little more out of life.

Lynda recently traveled on mission trips to Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Both were unique experiences in outreach and construction. She learned a great deal about the different cultures and lifestyles in each country and met some amazing people.

Lynda’s goal is to help everyone she meets to understand they can achieve a healthy life and a healthy body, which gives them the freedom to accomplish so much more than they currently do.

Contact Information: Lynda Knudston

Direct Email: 
Direct Dial: 262-672-9955

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RSVP at https://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/events/243384190/

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*** ITINERARY Friday, Sept. 29, 2017 *** 

9:30 Registration, Full Coffee Bar / Open Networking
10:00 am: Welcome & Introduction
10:50 am: Completion & Open Networking*

* Open Networking will continue at 11 am for everyone registered.

Come Join Us!   Remember, Movement Means Money!
RSVP at https://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/events/243384190/


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