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Entrepreneurial Effectiveness: Tips for Getting Organized

Posted in: Personal Development, Coming Events, Special Morning Session
Posted on: April 25, 2016

By Keith Klein

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Entrepreneurial Effectiveness:  Tips for Getting Organized
By Laura Gramann

Think of an area in your office (or business) that struggles to stay organized.

• How do you feel when you think about it? 

• How many attempts have you made in recent months to get organized? 

• Are you a paper person or do you prefer technology for storing all your ideas, tasks, etc?

• Or do you incorporate the Medium Method into your life?

The benefits of getting organized extend far beyond having pride in your tidy home. Organization can improve your relationships, your finances, your health, and your career.  Getting organized will contribute to your company’s profitability, your personal productivity, and your entrepreneurial effectiveness.

During this Interactive Special Morning Session Laura will share guidelines, tips and online applications that helped her be successful at Google and now make her an efficient entrepreneur. You’ll learn how disorganization can be dangerous to your reputation and efficiency. Then Laura will offer suggestions on how to get organized with your email, your desk, your projects, your e-files, and your operations.

If you want to get organized in your business and don’t know how to get started, come to this workshop to gain valuable tips and firm action steps toward achieving your organizational goals.

Meet Our Expert: Laura Gramann

Getting Organized is important!
Getting Organized is important!

Laura Gramann is a professional organizer and owner of Pieces into Place. She helps people live and work more efficiently, so they have more time for the important things in life. Since she started in 2014, Laura has helped over 100 clients improve their lives through organization!

She also partners with The Container Store in Milwaukee, providing custom storage and organizing solutions using their products and closet design team. Additionally, Laura speaks to local audiences about the benefits of organization, how to get organized at work and at home, and how organization can improve work/life balance.

Before starting her organizing career, Laura worked at Google for six years in CA and NY in their People Operations department (HR). She graduated with a degree in Management & HR from UW-Madison and grew up in Hartland, WI.

Contact Information:
Laura Gramann (pronounced like “ramen” noodles with a G.)
Direct Dial: 262-345-7855
Local Business Owner based in Brookfield

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