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Meetup for Meetup Organizers

Posted in: Organizing
Posted on: April 20, 2013

By Keith Klein

Meetup for Meetup Organizers

I’m very interested in getting a lot of Southeastern Wisconsin Meetup (and other group) organizers together to do a panel discussion on just what makes a group successful.

If I was an organizer just starting out, or with fewer than 50 or 100 members, I’d want to attend a panel like this.

Heck, I still want to learn to make our group more successful.  Our group – http://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners – has over 600 Members now, yet we’ve only averaged two or three dozen attendees at monthly meetups over the last few years.  our ten years of doing this.

Given the caliber of our attendees, our speakers, our venue (I go for the food!) and the total package we offer, we should be at capacity every time!

I love the buzz we get, and I’ve really enjoyed other Meetup groups.  I think a Meetup for Meetup Organizers could help us all trade tips and techniques to give our group Members the best experience possible.


If you’re interested, please share your thoughts with a reply to this thread, a contact through the Contact Us page here, or send an email to keith (me) at onyourmark.com with Meetup for Meetup Organizers in the subject line.

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