Create Cash Flow Using Your Current Client List

Create Cash Flow Using Your Current Client List

by Tamara Burkett, Customer Loyalty Architect

Join Tamara Burkett and learn how to identify the hidden opportunities in your client list.

We all know existing customers are more likely to buy from us again, yet most business owners don’t know how to how to create a structure to leverage their client list.

In this workshop, you’ll discover concepts and strategies that will keep your customers engaged in an authentic and innovative way. Learn how to tap into your customers’ natural desire to be loyal and a simple system to grow your loyal customers. Get massive results using resources you already have and maximize your profit with no marketing budget!

In this information-packed presentation on how to create cash flow, you’ll learn:

– The pillars of client retention
– How to get started creating your system
– How to define success

It’s a disservice to let clients disappear without a trace after serving them. They are looking for businesses they can be loyal to and refer to others. Give them what they need to stay with you for their lifetime.


Create Cash Flow presenter, Photo of Tamara Burkett, Wisconsin Business Organizer

Tamara Burkett

Tamara has a master’s degree in Organizational Management and over 14 years of experience developing strategic relationships for national nonprofit organizations. She guides her clients through a transformative process to improve their customer relations and build sustainable profits.

Tamara’s mission is to help entrepreneurs build a system that’s aligned with who they are and how they work. As a result, her methods grow loyal customers in a fresh and common – sense way.

Email: tamara (at) tamarburkett (dot) com
Direct Dial: 414-803-9689

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Since October 2004, Wisconsin Business Owners has been serving Wisconsin Business Owners. Our Mission: To develop enhanced personal and business relationships in a welcoming l…

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Ron Chandler of Summit Investment Management, Ltd.

Milwaukee Financial Advisors and Investment Portfolio Managers

Earl Smith ( ), Consultant / Legal Shield

Stacy Kaat of Stacy Kaat Photography ( )
She makes YOU look like a million!

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Learn how to build lasting business relationships

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VoIP Services Proudly Offered by Organizer/Sponsor Mullarky Business Systems

Enterprise-Grade VoIP Services for SMBs

Mullarky Business Systems offers a complete voice solution for small to medium-sized businesses with our cloud-based Cytracom VoIP services platform.

VOIP Services article first published March 2nd, 2018 at

Our platform surpasses traditional premise-based PBXs by offering new advanced features and functionality. Beyond that, our solution frees you from the constraints of typical legacy phone systems — CAPEX, ongoing maintenance, and the eventual need for total replacement.

Our VoIP services simplify your business by providing state-of-the-art advanced voice communications that allow you to focus on what you do best!

VoIPWhat makes Mullarky Business Systems and Cytracom VoIP Services Different?

When we say “VoIP Made Simple,” we really mean it!

Our partner, Cytracom, has developed three key pillars of service delivery that simplify the end-to-end experience for you, our valued customers.  Simply put, we offer an advanced voice solution that easily fits into an economical subscription plan without any long-term commitments. How about that for VoIP Made Simple?


Cytracom’s solution is only sold through their nationwide partner network. Cytracom provides training, certification, and support to their partners so we can successfully design and deploy your office phone system.


Our focus is on providing a world-class voice experience for our customers. Cytracom is so confident in their solution that they enable certified partners to offer it without a contractual commitment.


Phones are included in our simple monthly pricing model. By the way, we replace them every 36 months with our Evolve™ program and provide a lifetime warranty as long as you use our service.  We want to ensure you always have the latest and greatest for your communications needs!

VoIP Services and Features

We focus on developing features that meet the stringent requirements of our customers.  Listed below are some of our most popular features.


** Nominal Fees may apply

Desktop Integration

Today’s business worker is constantly in front of a computer while on the phone. CliqTM, our unique Windows® desktop application, allows you to monitor and interact with your voice communications while on the computer.

24×7 VoIP Services and Support

We believe in face time. What does that mean? Cytracom’s go-to-market model ensures that you get quality face time from local partners for sales and support. Cytracom works closely with us so we have all the training and tools needed to support you, and they stand behind us 24×7.

About Cytracom and Mullarky Business Systems

No one does VoIP services more simply than Mullarky Business Systems (MBS) and Cytracom.  With a unique platform built on Cytracom’s cloud-based technology, MBS and Cytracom give small businesses the quality and features of big business VoIP services.  VoIP provides a cost-effective business voice solution with the performance and reliability expected by today’s businesses. Cytracom’s solution is sold exclusively through their nationwide partner network, which provides the most direct, simple, and clear value for their customers.

Mullarky Business Systems VoIP Services
worked with Cytracom for over a year before offering VoIP services and phones to the public.  We wanted to be one hundred percent confident in the service and support offered by our partner.  We are!  We’ve installed systems that gained the respect of our clients while saving them money and enhancing their capabilities!  

See our page on VoIP.

Questions?  Call or contact us for a no-obligation quotation!

# # #

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Happy Valentine’s Day – to over 1,200 Wisconsin Business Owners!

Wisconsin Business Owners Members pass 1,200

We passed the 1,200 Wisconsin Business Owners Member mark on Friday, February 12, 2016!

That’s 33% growth Since September 4, 2015 – just over 5 months!

Kudos to the speakers, organizers, sponsors and members!

We’ve gone over 250 followers on LinkedIn after a concerted effort last year.  Find us on many social sites that follow.


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Your Hidden Retirement Asset

Your Hidden Retirement Asset

Start the new year off right by joining us for networking, lunch, and learning a great way to take care of your financial future.  You don’t have to be within a few years or months of retirement to learn more from this presentation on “Your Hidden Retirement Asset”

The Hidden Retirement Plan Inside Your Business
by Ron Chandler

Do you have a plan to retire some day?
Does Your Plan include selling your business?
What keeps you up at night regarding retirement?

What the he** are you talking about Ron?

In this session, we will discuss a not-so-obvious retirement strategy to consider.   The strategy is easy to implement and can provide a higher degree of flexibility in your overall plans.  Learn more about “Your Hidden Retirement Asset”

Note: The opinions expressed in this presentation are those solely of Ron Chandler and do not necessarily represent those of Summit Investment Management, Ltd.

Please register now:
If you are concerned at all about retirement or if you’d like to learn about an alternative strategy to compare with today’s traditional options. Then join us on January 29th and see if your business has a hidden retirement plan inside of it.

RSVP FOR “Your Hidden Retirement Asset” Lunch & Learn AT OUR MEETUP PAGE (FREE TO JOIN) :


Photo of Ron Chandler, Presenter of "The hidden "retirement plan" inside your small business" at Wisconsin Business Owners, Friday, January 29th at the Midway Hotel & Suites, Brookfield. Hidden Retirement Asset.

Ron Chandler, Presenting Your Hidden Retirement Asset….”The hidden “retirement plan” inside your small business” at Wisconsin Business Owners, Friday, January 29th at the Midway Hotel & Suites, Brookfield.

Meet Our Expert: Ron Chandler

Ron Chandler is an Investor, Serial Entrepreneur, Author, and Public Speaker. For over 30 years, he has bought, started and sold businesses across a diverse spectrum of sectors. He has worked as a consultant for various corporations, banks and CPA firms and created risk-analysis models for use by corporate managers and private investors. His co-authored book, “Driving Operational Excellence”, is still used today in businesses and training courses around the country.  As a public speaker Ron has led discussions at investment conferences and training seminars on technical analysis and the use of equity options in the retail trading environment.  His co-authored training program on technical analysis has since been delivered at both live conferences and online webinars.

Ron is passionate about working with the less-fortunate as well as helping his fellow travelers succeed in achieving their goals and ambitions.

Ron is a Graduate of the University of Michigan with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering, has an MBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Detroit and has received certifications in both Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma analysis methodologies.  He currently holds Series 65 Securities Licenses as well as Life and Health Insurance Licenses with the State of Wisconsin.

Contact Information:
Ron Chandler
C/O: Summit Investment Management, Ltd.
400 E Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Direct Dial: 414-291-4488
rchandler (at)

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12:40 Learning Presentation
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Greg Adlington of Next Gen Commercial Capital, LLC

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George Schroeder, 3rd Generation Custom Home Builders

Karin Conway of KMC Marketing, LLC

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15 Wisconsin Business Owners Went

Professional Portraits by Stacy Kaat Photography. New Year Business Owner Special!You must call or email Stacy to reserve your time slot  (contact information below). The following portraits are examples of Stacy’s expertise.Photographer Stacy Kaat will do Portraits for Wisconsin Business Owners and us referrals Partners this morning.This pric…

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Meetup for Meetup Organizers

Meetup for Meetup Organizers

I’m very interested in getting a lot of Southeastern Wisconsin Meetup (and other group) organizers together to do a panel discussion on just what makes a group successful.

If I was an organizer just starting out, or with fewer than 50 or 100 members, I’d want to attend a panel like this.

Heck, I still want to learn to make our group more successful.  Our group – – has over 600 Members now, yet we’ve only averaged two or three dozen attendees at monthly meetups over the last few years.  our ten years of doing this.

Given the caliber of our attendees, our speakers, our venue (I go for the food!) and the total package we offer, we should be at capacity every time!

I love the buzz we get, and I’ve really enjoyed other Meetup groups.  I think a Meetup for Meetup Organizers could help us all trade tips and techniques to give our group Members the best experience possible.


If you’re interested, please share your thoughts with a reply to this thread, a contact through the Contact Us page here, or send an email to keith (me) at with Meetup for Meetup Organizers in the subject line.