Get Yourself to Woman Up ~ via Meetup!

Woman Up!  If you haven’t explored – take the time!  Men too!

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Man Up! Woman Up! Meetup! Meet IRL – In Real Life!  Find all sorts of groups close to you that match your interests.

Explore groups in your area that match your interests, both personal and professional, at  Please start with !   

Be prepared to take considerable time to really explore this extra-ordinary site that does more than connect you online.  Meetup helps you actually Meet Up IRL – In Real Life!   The more time you spend at Meetup, the more diversity you’ll find.  Yet it is all based on a solid, consistent foundation.

You’ll find that most of the folks who get involved in any sort of Meetup have something ‘extra.’  No, they’re not all total extroverts.  Indeed, I know quite a few who’ve overcome their naturally-introverted natures to get out and meet people.  That’s the extraordinary extra they possess – the drive to make human connections!  This is especially true of all sorts of people who simply want to share their (personal and/or professional) interests with like-minded folks.

 Ladies (guys can come too), Woman Up!

Picture of Karin Conway for article titled, Woman Up with Karin Conway and others at the War Memorial, Saturday, February 6th.

Woman Up with Karin Conway and others at the War Memorial, Saturday, February 6th.

One of our WisOwners Organizers is promoting a great event on at the War Memorial on Saturday, February 6th.  Learn more at Karin Conway’s Meetup Group at

Learn more about this coming Saturday’s Woman Up! event at

More details about this health and lifestyle expo at

Karin is a veteran Organizer of Wisconsin Business Owners and we’re fortunate to have her!  She’s an extraordinary networker.  She organizes many other events, especially around the interests of health, nutrition, wellness and whatever is good for Mother Earth and the people who inhabit her.

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Keith Klein, Organizer, Wisconsin Business Owners

Keith Klein
Organizer, Wisconsin Business Owners
Author of WebForging, A Practical Guide to the Art of Forging Your Web Presence
Owner, OnYourMark, LLC
Google Phone: 262-820-8201

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Keith Klein
Keith Klein

Google Phone: 262-820-8201

Wrote the book, WebForging – see

Web design, production, programming, hosting and Internet marketing our specialty. Hundreds of websites for manufacturers, healthcare organizations and practitioners, specialty retailers, professional services firms, realtors, builders and others. E-Commerce and Business Process Automation.

Organizer, Wisconsin Business Owners meetup group with monthly Lunch & Learns for 10+ years.

Published alternative metro newsweekly. Ran two recruitment firms. Independent rep for Thomas Register of American Manufacturers for 10 years.

Goals run 3+ pages.

Specialties: Project management in web design, production, programming, hosting & Internet marketing, with the staff to execute the strategies & tactics we devise.

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Online marketing is what separates us from most web shops. Pro-active, value-added hosting.

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