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Personal and Professional Goal Creation Workshop

Posted in: Special Morning Session
Posted on: March 9, 2015

By Keith Klein

Come early to enjoy networking, coffee, juice, water, and danish!

Special Morning Session:
Personal and Professional Goal Creation Workshop:
Start Creating Your Own Success Today
By Lucas J. Robak

Are you ready to actively engage our success today?

How often do you write your goals for your life and business?
How often do you update your goals for your life and business?
How often do you look at your goals for your life and business?

During this interactive workshop, Business Owners will be guided through a process of:
– Developing personal and professional goals (short-term to 10+ years).
– Write down your goals in a manner which is effective for yourself.
– Listen to other Business Owners share their goals.
– While sharing your goals, converse to learn of others’ goals.

All Great Accomplishments Begin with Goals!

All the wisdom of goal setting is already embedded within each one of us. It is now a matter of applying this rusty skill. In this interactive workshop, you will work in groups with other like-minded business owners to achieve one definite purpose: a goal for your own business. Then, you will be able to develop your action items to accomplish such success. But first, let’s get clear on your goal and have it in written form!

If you are interested in achieving more in 2015, then join us and dream, share and empower other goal achieving Wisconsin Business Owners.

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Meet Our Expert: Lucas J. Robak

Certified Neuro-Lingusitic Programming (NLP) Practitioner. NLP is language of the mind to successfully achieve concise results through subconscious communication.

After finishing his BS Flight Operations degree, Lucas J. Robak starting soaring on other horizons. Instead of applying for pilot positions, Lucas applied for 501(c)3 status for a nonprofit: Melody of Life Foundation. For the next 4-5 years Lucas floundered around in more jobs than he can remember, while now stating, “I was lost!” Eventually he became a high school tutor and substitute teacher, went to UW-Milwaukee to gain a Teachers Certificate. After 18 months of serving within the traditional education system, Lucas was disenchanted and became lost once more.

After meeting a local life coach, his eyes were open to another realm of possibilities. After great research, Lucas began his “Life Coaching” career and received his NLP Certification in June of 2014. After Lucas was diagnosed with MS in May 2014, he expanded the mission of Melody of Life to providing treatment, which is not covered by insurance, for people with MS (multiple sclerosis). Today, Lucas hosts inspirational fundraisers and provides empowering workshops leading up to and following each fundraising event to fiscally support the needs of Melody of Life.

Lucas J. Robak
Email: (click here for masked email address)
Address: PO Box 210921 Milwaukee, WI 53221
Direct Dial: 414-520-5163
Site: www.LucasRobak.com

*** Special Morning Session Itinerary***

9:45 Registration & Networking – Cost is $10 with advance registration
Coffee bar, including coffee, water, juice and danish
10:00 Presentation
11:00 Q & A
11:10 Finish*
*OR continue…join us for even more Networking, Lunching, and Learning (Wis Owners Lunch & Learn starts at 11:15. Separate registration is required.)

*** Come Join Us! Click on “I’m going box” to start your registration now.You will be able to reserve your seat and won’t be charged until the day of the event. ALSO, if you plan to attend the March 27th Special Morning Workshop by Kinza Christenson, regarding “Fire Up Your Mojo and Thrive!”, you will need register for that workshop separately.

***SPEECHES MAY BE VIDEOTAPED – Your attendance at
Wisconsin Business Owners means you may be shown on
tape…and you’re okay with that!
Thanks to David Kocol of http://www.DavidKocol.com


Thank-you Mark Mullarky of Mullarky Business Systems! From one to fifty PCs, Mark is your man for Computers and Computer Networks. Learn more at http://www.MBSWI.com and check out a great blog at http://www.mbswi.com/blog/

Maggie Mongan of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Rocks!
Check out over 500 blog posts to make your business brilliant
and simply successful. http://www.BrilliantBreakthroughs.com

Atty. Melissa Mortensen of Mortensen Law Firm, LLC
Hire the legal know-how and trusted business partner.

Greg Adlington of Next Gen Commercial Capital, LLC

Ron Chandler of Summit Investment Management, Ltd.

Lucas J. Robak of Skillset Life Coaching, LLC

Jody Pogorzelski of Finding You

About Jody

Videographer David Kocol of David Kocol, LLC

George Schroeder, 3rd Generation Custom Home Builder

Karin Conway of KMC Marketing, LLC

—-Thank you to our sponsors!—-

********* You can always get in touch with me through the
“Contact Organizer” link on Meetup:

Regards, Keith Klein
Organizer, Wisconsin Business Owners
Owner, OnYourMark, LLC http://www.OnYourMark.com
Google Phone: 262-820-8201

Author of WebForging, A Practical Guide to the Art of Forging Your Web Presence http://WebForging.com This 242 page guide is written in non-geek speak especially for small business owners in Manufacturing, Real Estate and Construction, Professional Services and Specialty Retail. Copies are available for $39.95. Only $20 if Keith signs yours at the event!

Producer of Videocracy, the video, photo and audio arm of OnYourMark, LLC. http://Videocracy.com

p.s.: Bring handouts that we’ll make available to everyone!
p.p.s.: Link up with us on LinkedIn ~
Our focus moving forward is to extend the value of the enhanced relationships engendered in our Wisconsin Business Owners Group, in person and online. Extend the value of your deepening relationships at our LinkedIn Wisconsin Business Owners Group.

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About the author 

Keith Klein

  • Over the years I’ve done plenty of Goals work and this one I’m really excited to learn and apply! Why? Lucas is going to amp up the results with NLP Techniques to fortify goals creation and attainment. Hopefully you will be able to experience this game changer too! See you there 🙂

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