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Friday Night Live! Summer Lullaby August 30th

Posted in: Coming Events
Posted on: August 30, 2019

By Keith Klein

Wisconsin Business Owners Summer Lullaby at Waukesha Friday Night Live! .

This Friday night social event brings our Summer hiatus to an end. Come join us Friday evening and enjoy building relationships in an outstanding social setting! Learn about our plans for September into Spring, including our new venue!

Picture of lit street in the evening for Friday night live.
Food, family, music, good cheer and more…

Waukesha Friday Night Live Rocks!

Park anywhere nearby, there’s plenty of public (free) parking, including municipal lots and banks and such. Park in a lot before the actual event – Main Street is closed to traffic for a good half a mile.

Please remember to RSVP (FREE!) Bring a guest, too! Including a 4-legged guest. Dogs are welcome! I plan to bring my baby, Sadie!

Summer Lullaby

Summer Lullaby Picture of Waukesha Friday Night Live
Waukesha Friday Night Live Rocks!

We’ll meet you at “Bosco’s Social Club” at 7:00 pm. When you walk in, we’ll be in the back on your right, and walk through and you’ll find some of us on the patio. The place is dog friendly.

NO CHARGE! Bring an associate, bring a friend, or bring a date (hardly a better date night!)

You’re on your own for drinks and food. Waukesha Friday Night live offers plenty of places within a few doors to get an ice cream, gelato, hot dog or sub or do some upscale dining. Many, many watering holes to boot. At least 5 or 6 different stages of live music all over the place! More live music indoors at many establishments. Pottery and other artisans on the street. Good stuff! Free parking.  More info at http://www.waukeshafridaynightlive.com

Join us – RSVP now!  FREE at https://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/events/264409151/

Your attendance means you may be shown on tape…and you’re okay with that!


Ron Chandler of Summit Investment Management, Ltd.

Mark Mullarky of Mullarky Business Systems! From 1-50 PCs, Mark is your man for Computers and Computer Networks. Learn more at http://www.MBSWI.com

Maggie Mongan of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Rocks!
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Tamara Burkett of Tamara Burkett
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Jennifer at http://www.MainStreetFraming.com in Lannon – Frame Your Awesomeness!

Gail Yaeger, Chief Flight Attendant at https://www.DoveCelebration.com

Gerard I. “Jerry” Schritz, Phone and Public Address Design, Sales, Installation & Repair at https://www.Intelegist.com (https://www.intelegist.com/)

Nathan Klein is a great source for Lawn Care & Landscaping services
Find him at http://www.PatriotLCL.com

And get your barbeque on with Ben Houle of http://www.ButchersCatering.com !

—-Thank you to our organizers and sponsors!—-

Please RSVP (FREE!) https://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/events/264409151/


Get in touch with Maggie & me through the
“Contact Organizer” link on Meetup:


Keith Klein
Organizer, Wisconsin Business Owners
Owner, OnYourMark, LLC
Google Phone: 262-820-8201

Author of WebForging, A Practical Guide to the Art of Forging Your Web Presence

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Come join us! We got the great picture above from their site.

Please remember to RSVP (FREE!)  https://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/events/264409151/

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