Are you being paid what you’re worth? “The entrepreneurial dilemma … what’s my worth?”

Are you being paid your worth?
“The entrepreneurial dilemma … what’s my worth?”

Your worth all begins with you … the value you provide to achieve the results someone is looking for and needing.

 “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” – Warren Buffett

If you don’t know your value, how do you know what price should be applied to your services
or products?

How many times do you find yourself quoting a price to a potential client, hearing crickets, then
suddenly begin the discounting dance just to win the new client? I’ve seen this pattern way too
often … in the corporate and in the entrepreneurial world. What it all boils down to is this one
question …

What is your value?

Your value is determined by you and for you. You value is one part of any pricing equation
when it comes to your services or products. As you understand and acknowledge your value in
the pricing equation, the practice of discounting will diminish or be accomplished in the correct
way. (Yes, there is a way to discount without giving it all away or seeming cheap.)
Let’s start here with your value or another word we’ll use for this is worth. Here are three areas
to consider as you approach determination of your worth.

The Process of Determining Your Worth

Decide what your work is worth to you
If you were your own client needing exactly what you offer, how much would you be
willing to pay? What would you receive from this investment? When you are looking at
your worth, this is the place to begin. As you answer these questions, you gain clarity on
the value of your offer whether that offer is a service or a product. Write down that
price point.

Do the research
Google others in your industry with similar products or services. What are they
charging? How do their packages or products/services compare to yours? Doing this
comparison and research is not to say ‘set your prices similar to others in your market’.
It’s a leveling point for setting your price. The biggest key is to determine your
uniqueness … that one thing that sets you apart from the competition. Write down your

Consider your investment
What is the time, energy, work that you put into your offering? Capture all the hours
you have put into providing what you provide in your offering. Capture everything. Be
sure to include marketing, training, contracted work, administrative work. Write down
those hours.

Doing this deep dive creates an awareness of who you are, what you offer, and how much value
you bring. This is a beginning point to owning your worth and pricing to reflect your value.

Yet, you may hear yourself saying …

“I feel guilty about what I charge people.”

You are not alone. Tons of people — including successful entrepreneurs & small business
owners — have an emotional reaction in charging for their services and most especially in
setting price points that truly reflect their value.

Why do we feel guilty?

In my experience, there are 3 main reasons people feel guilty about what they charging:

1.  You don’t feel worthy or realize the value of your skills to others. In other words, you
don’t’ acknowledge your awesome talent saying “it’s nothing special.” But others see it
as very unique and valuable, and they’ll pay to learn from you or get your help or buy
what you have to offer.

2.  You don’t feel qualified as an expert. You always feel as if you need more experience,
accolades, or certifications. You are always feeling as if you are not enough for anyone
to want to purchase what you have to offer.

3.  You’re afraid of charging friends (or friends-of-friends) as this will damage
the relationship. People will not like you let alone trust you enough to buy from you.

How can you get away from this type of negative thinking? How can you charge
even more money, knowing you fully deserve it?

Begin with you … as it is always about you.

The bottom line:
      “If you don’t know your value, somebody will tell you your value. And it’ll be less than you’re
worth.” –Bernard Hopkins

If you don’t know your value and own your worth, how will anyone else know it? It call comes
from within you. When you can own your value, having those pricing conversations will
become easier and more natural. When you own your value, you begin to attract the type of
clients/customers that you want to have and not the ones you need to convince to work with

About the Author, Denise Hansard:

“Denise is like a drink of water for the soul … “

If you’re looking for someone to deliver motivation and inspiration while still having fun, you just found her.

Through her Southern style of storytelling, Denise shares how your past story doesn’t define your future, how to own your value in all that you do, break down the barriers of fear and being stuck, plus so much more.

Denise shares her message to audiences from all walks of the life. Her talks have been experienced by hundreds. Her messages are delivered via live talks, keynotes, retreats & workshops to organizations & people willing to stop playing small in life.

Denise truly is one of a kind!

To get the full skinny, join Denise Hansard at the    Photo of Denise Hansard for "Your Worth" Post
Wisconsin Business Owners morning workshop on Friday, September 27th.

In The Art & Science of Pricing program, Denise will help you to take deeper dives into how to determine your worth with her 3 E’s, the 5 P’s of pricing, what your Sweet Spot is and so much more. This program will be interactive along with having exercises for you to take the next step in your pricing worth.

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Side Hustle Revolution & Wisconsin Business Owners

Side Hustles.  They’re everywhere, practiced by seemingly everyone.

This video (and another that will follow soon) explain that side hustles – and the reasons for them – vary widely.  I picked this TEDx video as a “jumping off” point, defining the side hustle, and the ‘whys and wherefore’s” of side gigs.

Yes, side hustles are often about the money.  Yet they’re often about so much more than just money.  They’re about doing what you love.  They’re about learning, growing, building and achieving.  They’re about balance and (self-) determining how we live and work.

I think the side hustle has been part of “the American Way” since the Pilgrims got here.  I’d classify a lot of part-time jobs as side-hustles.  The baseball park vendor who makes good coin while enjoying the ball park and the game.  The baby-sitter, the pet-sitter, the part-time elder care-giver, the student who teaches music…

My Dad, a self-employed construction contractor for fifty years, always suggested to me, “Use your brain, not your back  But learn a trade so you always have something to fall back on.”   He was a quintessential horse-trader with side hustles galore.

This from the YouTube introduction of the video: This is the side hustle revolution | The Way We Work, a TED series:

“Past generations found a company to work for and then stayed there for decades. But today, we rarely stay in the same job (let alone on the same career path) and we don’t rely on a single income stream. The tools and resources are out there for us to do our own thing, and more of us are going with the entrepreneurial spirit — even if it’s on the side of a traditional job. Podcaster and marketer Nicaila Matthews Okome helps survey the scene.

“The Way We Work is a TED original video series where leaders and thinkers offer practical wisdom and insight into how we can adapt and thrive amid changing workplace conventions. (Made possible with the support of Dropbox)”

Stay tuned for more of “The Way We Work” TED Talks.

Wisconsin Side Hustles

I helped make ends meet while in college by doing tax returns for people.  After a course in Econ 304 or 404, Money & Banking, tax returns made some sense to me, and I could confidently deliver value on basic returns.  My daughter-in-law, enjoys catering events with her mom and her auntie while bringing home some bacon, and sometimes great leftovers.  My daughter works hard and has fun at State Fair while making bank, listening to live music and seeing friends, family and other fairgoers who stop by to enjoy themselves – and tip well – to boot.

Wisconsin is great for side hustles.  Thinking locally, snow plowing comes to mind.   Micro-brewing, too.  Door County folks offer firewood for sale at roadside self-help stacks in their front yards. How many contribute cherries and maple syrup to destination retail locations?

Wisconsin Business Owners Side Hustles

Wisconsin Business Owners – our Members – are great for side hustles.  I’ve seen groups form from within our group, when several speakers, already friends, combined their skills to deliver even greater value together, while continuing to deliver excellent values to their clients in their own niches.

I met one of my newest clients online through our Wisconsin Business Owners Meetup group, then in person at a Wisconsin Business Owners event.  He’s got the consummate side hustle, a whole second business based on his skills and interests.  His education and experience at his primary job are quite advanced.  He’s engaged by huge multinational corporations on a project basis.  Yet, when his “day job” isn’t a hundred percent busy, he devotes time to developing his side hustle.  He simply never wants to be in the position of having to rely on a huge client or two for his bread and butter.  Self-determination is his key.

The “Side Hustle” for many of us amounts to figuring out how to deliver the best in all facets of our main hustle. We learn, we network and we share in a relaxed yet professional environment.

Our group Organizers are very much about delivering a greater value to Wisconsin Business Owners than the sum of our individual parts. Plus, our Organizers are “servant leaders” … people who derive pleasure from simply helping others.  And we all like to learn.

So, even if you’re “just” doing a side hustle, join us!  Network with people who are all about learning in a professional, yet personal, learning environment.


Business Risk Survey from Rollins College, Crummer Graduate School of Business

Business Risk SurveyYou are invited to take a Business Risk Survey at

We are doctoral students in Business Administration at the Crummer School of Business at Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida.

Small and medium-size businesses are the engine that helps create a robust economy. Without the help of business owners and entrepreneurs such as yourself, research like ours could not be conducted.

The purpose of this business risk survey and research is to examine factors that are related to competitiveness in small businesses.

We are asking your help by completing the attached twenty question survey. It should only take a few minutes to complete. Participation is strictly voluntary and you may refuse to participate. The participants and businesses in the survey will be anonymous.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to assist us in this educational endeavor. The data collected will provide useful information.

If you have any questions about completing the questionnaire please do not hesitate to contact us.


James H Bruner

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See our members by profession.

Are you working too hard for your business? WisOwners Lunch & Learn, Aug 31

Are you working too hard for your business?
By Kerrie Hoffman

Simple questions to determine if you’re working too hard for your business:

Do you find yourself caught up in the day to day tasks of running your business?

Would you pay someone your hourly rate to do all those day-to-day tasks?

Do you ever wonder how some business owners run several businesses simultaneously?

We will explore how to: Make the shift from working “in” your business to working “on” your business and rediscover the passion for why you originally started your business. Ignite your growth engine, empower your staff (or bots), and discover a whole new set of free time.

During our time together, you will learn:
• The three roles of the business owner
• Where to spend the majority of your time to grow your business
• How to exit the trap of getting caught up in the day to day tasks of running your business

If you are interested in refueling your passion for your business, then join us and learn how to grow your business while reducing your stress.


Photo of Kerrie Hoffman, presenter of Working too hard in your business?

Working too hard? Presenter Kerrie Hoffman will give us the simple formulas to grow our businesses without burning out doing it.

I am passionate about coaching others to reach beyond their potential in both business and life. I believe the world is about abundance, not scarcity, and people just need to understand how to tap into it.

Certified Business Coach, Digital Advisor, and Speaker Kerrie Hoffman specializes in business growth and digital transformation. Kerrie introduces clients to tools, techniques and the necessary framework to drive personal and business growth. Kerrie has experience in multiple Industries where she’s worked a variety of roles including CIO, Operations, Supply Chain, and Sales. Kerrie is currently the owner of FocalPoint Business Coaching, a Hoffman Advantage LLC Company. Her previous employers include Aurora Health Care, Johnson & Johnson, and Johnson Controls. Kerrie is active in the community as a Board member for the Girl Scouts of Wisconsin South East, Co-Chair of IT United, a United Way Affinity Group and previous Board member for United Way of Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha Counties.

Kerrie Hoffman’s Contact Information:
khoffman (at) focalpointcoaching (dot) com

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Common Denominator For Success – WisOwners Lunch & Learn, Friday, July 27

Common Denominator For Success
Presented by Tom Ginn

Is the common denominator for success based on hard work?
Is doing the things you like doing going to get you success?

What are the habits you have that are not getting the results you desire for your business?

The common denominator for success – the secret of success of every woman who has ever been successful – lies in the fact that she formed the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do. I will introduce you to Albert E.N. Grays principles in the Common Denominator of Success speech and at the same time bring a new perspective to his speech. This one speech has changed the paradigms of thinking for millions of business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals. If you are seeking the secret, don’t miss this presentation.

During this presentation, you will learn the Common Denominator for Success where your success/failures reside. The 1st Principle: What is behind procrastination. The 2nd Principle: Where fear resides. The 3rd Principle: Understanding one cannot outperform one’s belief systems and Self Image. You will come away with a new perspective of what is controlling your results.


Picture of Tom Ginn, presenter of Common Denominator for Success

Tom Ginn presents Common Denominator for Success

Tom has spent over 30 years in the business world as an entrepreneur, small business owner, sales management and as a regional vice president in the financial service industry.

Tom is a successful entrepreneur, coach, keynote speaker, and a certified Thinking Into Results® Consultant working with the Proctor Gallagher Institute. He has also completed the Financial Coach Master Series through Dave Ramsey Solutions and takes a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to get people unstuck, personally, professionally and financially.

Tom works with individuals, businesses, and organizations helping them to see what’s getting in the way of achieving desired results. The secret to achieving big results is to change the way you think. If you change the way you think, you can change your results; if you change your results, you will change your life.

There is an exact science to goal achievement and all you have to do is understand the science and your whole world will change – mine did.
During my journey, I experienced times of tremendous success and at other times less than desired results. I often questioned why I was stuck in this cycle. My self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, and sense of worthiness seemed to parallel this cycle.

Through personal coaching, study and being mentored by Bob Proctor and PGI Tom found the Secret to “Common Denominator for Success” with THINKING INTO RESULTS which is the road map of on how to change the paradigms and habits through new awareness on how to change the negative and limiting beliefs that reside in our minds.


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12:00 (Noon) – All-You-Can-Eat Buffet & Salad Bar!
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12:30 to 12:37 – Break
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12:45 – Speaker Presentation: Tom Ginn
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Your attendance means you accept being shown on tape.

Keith Klein
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