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The image below is the WisOwners.com member profile of Keith Klein.

Wisconsin Business Owners FREE Member Profile, example of the profile of Keith Klein

Wisconsin Business Owners FREE Member Profile; for example, the profile of Keith Klein


We’re Wisconsin Business Owners interested in building relationships and learning in a professional, yet personable, environment.  We develop meaningful business relationships over time.


Contact Organizer Keith Klein for info anytime.  Mobile: 262-853-7900


Dave Wallace, Bay Ridge Consulting Group, Member #1,800

Dave Wallace, Bay Ridge Consulting Group, Member #1,800

Dave Wallace became WisOwners Member #1,800 on May 19th, and attended Mark Mullarky’s Lunch & Learn presentation on Computer Security the last Friday in May. 

Meetup.com is a great site.  Unlike most websites with the goal of making everything easier to do online, Meetup.com makes it easier for people to meet IRL – In Real Life.  Meetup.com makes it easy for your to find people with similar interests, whether personal or professional, and to get together with those like-minded folks.  

I recently attended a weekend-long workshop with half of our Wisconsin Business Owners Organizers and about a half dozen of our Members in attendance.  Dave Wallace and I were seated next to one another for most of the sessions.  It was, indeed a pleasure to get to know him.  (We’re both proud grandfathers!)  I might never have had that opportunity were it not for our meeting at a Wisconsin Business Owners Lunch & Learn.

Following is a ‘copy and paste’ of Dave’s info from his Meetup.com page at https://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/members/227921710/

Dave Wallace, our 1,800th Member, part of our Wisconsin Membership Growth.

Dave Wallace, our 1,800th Member.

David Wallace


Hometown: Whitefish Bay

Member since:  May 19, 2017

Has attended:  2 Meetups

Your business name:  Bay Ridge Consulting Group, LLC

Business to Business sales are more complex than ever. Small businesses that understand who their ideal customer is, and focus their energy on only those customers, will increase their average sale size, decrease the length of their sales cycle, and increase their pipeline close rate.  Translation: they increase revenue. Using proven processes and methods, along with 40 years’ experience in business development, Bay Ridge Consulting Group helps small businesses improve their sales effectiveness and efficiency so they can find, close, serve, retain, and expand their ideal customers. We help your sales team become sales superstars.

What geographic area(s) do you cover?

Primarily the Great Lakes region. National for the right opportunity (see ideal prospect description below).

Who is your ideal prospect?

A B2B organization with a sales staff of between 3 – 12, selling complex solutions, and, most importantly, willing to embrace the efforts necessary to affect transformational change in how they approach their sales function.

What is your web address?  www.BayRidgeConsultingGroup.com

Introduction  Founder | Principal of Bay Ridge Consulting Group

Our Members are serious, talented professionals.  We genuinely enjoy lunching, learning, and developing relationships with other business owners in a professional, yet personable environment. 

Come join us!  Register (FREE) at https://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/

Keith Klein, Wisconsin Business OwnersRegards,
Keith Klein
Wisconsin Business Owners

Happy Valentine’s Day – to over 1,200 Wisconsin Business Owners!

Wisconsin Business Owners Members pass 1,200

We passed the 1,200 Wisconsin Business Owners Member mark on Friday, February 12, 2016!

That’s 33% growth Since September 4, 2015 – just over 5 months!

Kudos to the speakers, organizers, sponsors and members!

We’ve gone over 250 followers on LinkedIn after a concerted effort last year.  Find us on many social sites that follow.


business connections via Wisconsin Business OwnersRegards,

mobile: 262-853-7900
keith …at,..OnYourMark.com

http://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/ << for RSVPs

https://del.icio.us/wisownershttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Wisconsin-Business-Owners/170246793991 ttps://plus.google.com/+Wisowners-meetup/https://www.instapaper.com/u

p.s.: Please contact us with your suggestions and questions for and about Wisconsin Business Owners.

Wisconsin Business Owners Hurdles 1,000 Member Mark!

Wisconsin Business Owners Tops 1,000 Members

Wisconsin Business Owners Group shot October 2015

Wisconsin Business Owners at October, 2015 morning session

I’m thankful for much this holiday weekend.  One of the professional milestones is the growth of Wisconsin Business Owners.

Wisconsin Business Owners surpassed the 1,000 Member milestone about the 12th of October, 2015.

I attribute our continued growth to a number of things:

  • Adding Maggie Mongan of Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. as a co-organizer.
  • Maggie promptly recruiting a great group of fellow organizers to join Karin Conway, Maggie and me.
  • Continued quality of our presenters, great people delivering quality content.
  • The continued outstanding meals and service at the Midway Hotel.  Our chef got a standing ovation at our last Lunch & Learn!
  • Meetup.com continues to be a great tool for managing meetups and attracting new members.
  • Our Members themselves ~ many bring a friend, who brings a friend next time…that’s organic growth and we continue to enjoy meeting new people.

We encourage new members.  You don’t have to know someone to join…much of our whole purpose is meeting new people and developing relationships that last.  If you have questions, call Keith at 262-853-7900 to learn more.  We’ll make it easy to join (and it is free to join) by adding a Meetup video showing you how to sign up (again, for free!).

Thanks to all our Members, and on behalf of all our Members, we hope your holiday is filled with peace, prosperity, health and happiness for you and yours.


Keith Klein

p.s.: At the time of writing, November 28, we’ve added 79 more Wisconsin Business Owners members to our ranks!  That makes for another 7.9 % growth in members (on a much larger base) in just the last six weeks!


Wisconsin Business Members Pass 700 Mark and Growing!

Wisconsin Business Members Pass 700  Mark

Last Friday or Saturday we passed the 700 Member mark at Wisconsin Business Owners.   Today we’re at 706 Members.

Wisconsin Business Owners

Brookfield, WI
1,280 Wisconsin Business Owners

Our Wisconsin Business Owners Meetup is a ” Lunch and Learn ” held on the last Friday of the month from January through October and the 1st Friday in December.$25 fee for “Lu…

Next Meetup

WisOwners Morning Session- Entrepreneurial Effectiveness: Ge…

Friday, Apr 29, 2016, 10:00 AM
22 Attending

Check out this Meetup Group →

This is about at ten percent increase of Wisconsin Business Members in the last few months.  Credit goes to three factors.  First, a new batch of dedicated Organizers.  Second, with our Organizers, a greater intensity of Social Networking.  Finally, consistently excellent programs.

Join us!  Join for free at http://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/

We have a great double-header on Friday, February 27th, 2015:

Come early to enjoy networking, coffee, juice, water, and danish!

Wisconsin Business Owners Morning Session- February 27, 2015:

Shaping our Future – Role Models and Mentors
By Claudia Howard

Over time, we had special people who have shaped our lives and careers; how have your mentors and role models shaped your life?

• How are you ensuring you have leaders ready to step up and keep your business going?

• What legacy do you want to be remembered for by others?

•  How many Mentors and Role Models helped you become who you are today?

By becoming a role model and/or mentor, you can shape future generations.  As John Maxwell shared, “What if you spent your entire life achieving but never shared your wisdom with anyone else?  Don’t let your success end with you!”

*** Special Morning Session Itinerary***

9:10    Registration & Networking
Cost is $10 with advance registration, $12 at the door
Coffee bar, including coffee, water, juice and danish
9:30   Presentation
10:45 Q & A
11:00  Finish* 

RSVP at http://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/events/220119274/


Wisconsin Business Owners Lunch & Learn- February 27, 2015:

Increase Your Conversion Rate using:
The Subconscious Sales Model
Presenter: Lucas J. Robak

In sales, how often do you push for a “no” rather than a “yes”?
How do you handle the 4 objections?
How do you determine your prospects decision-making strategy?

As Business Owners, we are always selling, whether it is a product, service, or idea. Using a flexible sales process, which is geared towards the subconscious mind, your sales conversion rate will drastically increase – 100% guaranteed!

This is the start of the Lunch & Learn…
early arrival allows more networking time.

12:00 (Noon) –  All-You-Can-Eat Buffet, including Salad Bar!

12:12 – Deliver your 30-second commercial during lunch
12:37 – Prize Drawings & Speaker Introduction
12:42 – Speaker Presentation
1:15 – End… or stick around to build relationships!

RSVP at:  http://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/events/44156002/

If you’re not already among our Wisconsin Business Members, join us (free) now at http://www.meetup.com/wisconsin-business-owners/