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3 Small Business Strategies for Success

Posted in: Guest Posts, Networking, Marketing & Strategy
Posted on: May 20, 2021

By Katie Conroy

Small Business Strategies

There’s no perfect formula for success, but there are right and wrong ways to handle business. Try these small business strategies to get your startup off the ground in a snap, courtesy of WisOwners.

Small Business
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Start with a Smart Structure

Whatever niche your business operates in, the proper structure is a must. Your business structure dictates how you’ll pay taxes and hire workers and more. If lower liabilities and special tax breaks appeal to you, filing an LLC might be the right choice.

Forming an LLC in Wisconsin is simple, too. Try an online formation service to expedite the process while ticking all the essential boxes.

Prioritize B2B Networking

Customers may be your bread and butter, but fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners are crucial to your organizational growth, too. For one thing, you can learn from other business owners – even if they’re competitors.

B2B Networking
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Networking through meetup groups or your local Chamber of Commerce allows you to pick other professionals’ brains. From regional advertising strategy to learning the ropes when it comes to permits and business licenses, your networking contacts can offer excellent insight.

Keep Marketing 24/7

Building your organizational structure and seeking support in the professional community are two crucial small business strategies. But finding paying customers – and keeping them interested – is the ultimate indicator of business success.

Keep Marketing
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To ensure a steady flow of interested clients, you’ll need to market 24/7. In short, every move your business makes should be toward enticing customers and enhancing growth. That means brand-consistent imagery and copy across your website, social media, and store (as applicable).

Think about low-cost advertising methods to get started; nearly half of all small businesses favor social media for their marketing, per Statista.

No magic solution will guarantee business success, but these three tips are sure to give you a solid head start. The appropriate business structure, networking connections, and marketing plan will help you reach the right people to keep your brand growing – of course, hard work never hurts, either.

Katie Conroy

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