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WisOwners Organizer Keith Klein
For more info on WisOwners – Wisconsin Business Owners – please call Keith at 262-820-8201 (google voice) or 262-853-7900 (cell).

Custom built websites and
internet marketing are our specialties.

Specialties include:

  •    WordPress Sites
  •    Search Engine Optimization
  •    E-Commerce
  •    Integrated Marketing
  •    Social Networking




OnYourMark, LLC consists of A Fine Family of Companies tightly integrated to bring unprecedented levels of web expertise and service to small and medium sized businesses. Each division represents a core technology and marketing focus, integrated so each can bring added value to the other, and separated just enough to offer “best of breed” technology and service.


Keith Klein

Author of WebForging, A Practical Guide to the Art of Forging Your Web Presence

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OnYourMark, LLC

Google Phone: (262) 820-8201
Keith-Mobile:  (262) 853-7900

Meetings Address, By Appointment
1025 South Moreland Road, Suite 615
Top Floor, Midway Hotel & Suites Office Tower
Brookfield, Wisconsin

Billing/Mail Address:
W215 N5475 Adamdale Drive
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 53051

You’ll often find me on the phone or in a meeting, calling on a prospect or following up with a client to forge new opportunities for them on the web.   I’m responsible for marketing and sales, hiring and firing, purchasing, and for harnessing technology and the talents of our staff to benefit our clients.

Internet marketing is my passion. I got into the industry because I knew we’d be able to help clients – and I knew being in the business is the only way I could afford to be the internet junkie that I am.

Main Keith Klein information site:  KeithKlein.me

You can find me online at hundreds of sites, including:

McAfee Site Advisor
Meetup.com Profile

I enjoy reading, media, writing, speaking, social networking, marketing, sales, camping, canoeing, beer, ideas….




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