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Wisconsin Business Owners is blessed with a cadre of excellent Wisconsin Business Organizers.

Our leadership group is talented, hard-working and diverse.  Diverse skills, diverse ethnic backgrounds, diverse stages of business development…yet, all have one thing in common:  a desire to serve the Wisconsin business community.

Following are Wisconsin Business Organizers, listed alphabetically by last name  Each name is a link to their respective Member Profile page.

Create Cash Flow presenter, Photo of Tamara Burkett, Wisconsin Business Organizer

Tamara Burkett

Photo of Keith Klein, Wisconsin Business Owners

Keith Klein

Maggie Mongan business rescue coach

Maggie Mongan

Photo of Mark Mullarky

Mark Mullarky

photo of Mike Rabar, presenting, "Unlocking the potential within your business."

Mike Raber

Bill Sargent 1

Bill Sargent