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I appreciate everyone being candid and helpful. Authentic relationship building is the heart of this exceptional group. This is a networking group in the truest sense

Maggie Mongan

Owner, Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc

“ The information presented is amazing. A very good value for the investment of time and money. ”

Karin Conway

Owner, KMC Marketing, LLC

“ Quality people already here; great mix of people. Excellent venue just for the food! The conversations and speakers are a bonus! Very high quality speakers. We learn a ton from people who are among the best anywhere at what they do. As personal relationships develop, business relationships are enhanced. Glad to say we also pick up business here and have fun doing it. Regards, Keith ”

Keith Klein

Owner, OnYourMark, LLC

“ I believe it is an excellent networking tool to meet other quality professionals in our local area. Not only did I have a nice time, but it was very informative. ”

George S.

Owner, Schroeder Builders LLC

“ a very fine group of business owners. I look forward to meeting many more over the next few months at future meetups. ”


Owner, Derek World of Wisdom, LLC

“ A group of very friendly & successful individuals who are ready to share their knowledge & expertise that can take you to the next level. Perfect place to network with winners! ”

Sonny A

Owner, Sonny A.

“ Great group. Keith strives to book presenters that offer real-world solutions that we can take back and implement immediately. Even if the topic doesn’t appeal to me that day, I take notes so I can revisit the subject matter later. ”

Tom Fuszard

Owner, Supreme Communications

“ Always great speakers. I love learning and Keith brings in valuable information and talented businessmen/women every month for our last Friday of the month lunch meetings. Always great food and enthusiastic networking. What a deal! ”

Sunni B

Coaching, Sunny Seminars & Coaching

“ If you want to expand your business through quality relationships, Wisconsin Business Owners is a great place to start. ”

Chad U

Owner, Chad U

“ The holiday open house was an incredible experience with a lot of very interesting people and I would like to thank everyone for welcoming me to the event and the phenomenal conversations we shared. ”

Steve K

Owner, L K Consulting

“ What a wonderful event, even more fun than last year. Met some very interesting people! I am looking forward to next year!!! Thanks for a great evening! ”

Barb L

Barb L

“ No matter where you go, there is always an opportunity to network. The Wisconsin Business Owners is no different in this aspect. What makes the WBO stand out is the value that is provided to each attendee every month. Every time I go, there is a new speaker/trainer who provides the right information so that everyone has a different take away!! ”

Lucas J. R.

NLP, Lucas J. R.

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