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About Lucas J. Robak & Authorpreneur Academy:

I create opportunities, speak wisdom, and share love. You are my priority!
The variations of board membership, non-profit leadership, volunteerism, writing, workshop facilitation, training, speaking, leading, organizing, collaborating, publishing, and teaching are all rolled into one big thinking visionary with profound foresight.
My 2014 multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis helped me become more focused and determined to reach my personal definition of success.
Since being diagnosed with one of the most debilitating neurological disorders we know about, I've published many personal development books (helped others do the same), became an organizer for The Wellness Fair (implementing innovative practices), been interviewed for many podcasts and journals, taught personal development classes, spoke at business conferences, lead a ton of different business projects/groups, and yet, I still find time to be a "lab rat" for university studies pertaining to chronic illnesses as way to give even more back to this world...and to learn ballroom dancing!
I'm not average, I'm not ordinary. I do whatever I want, when I want. Lucky for you, what I love to do is create communities of people filled with opportunities to produce the greatest good for the world around us.
My head is always in the clouds dreaming how to consistently raise the bar while operating from a psychology and physiology of excellence.
My favorite daily question is, "How do I add more value to ___?"
If you tell me something is impossible, I'll show you the finished result!
"There are no unresourceful people, only those who choose to not even try!"

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Milwaukee Wisconsin 53221