How To Build An Inbound Marketing Strategy That Grows Your Business
By Kelly E. Andrew

– Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the internet marketing tactics you “should” be doing but don’t really have time to do well?

– Can you confidently say that you get a positive return on investment for your internet marketing efforts?

– Does your internet presence help you build relationships with leads while you’re sleeping?

Many small business owners still believe that traditional marketing will work to grow their business. What they don’t realize is that consumers – human behavior – has changed. People don’t want to be sold to; in fact, they opt out of advertising whenever possible! Today, savvy marketers know that it’s all about developing a relationship online before that prospect ever picks up the phone or sets foot in the door.

In this presentation, you’ll wrap your head around the four phases of the Inbound Marketing methodology and the tactics that support them. You’ll discover ways to track your return on investment and hone in on how to build relationships online that will grow your business.

If you’re interested in helping people (who are already searching online for your product or service) find you and buy from you, then join us to learn more about Inbound Marketing.


In 2013, after a decade in the non-profit sector, Kelly E. Andrew founded Filament Communication. Her mission: to help independent businesses grow, inspired her to hone her internet marketing skills and build a passionate, growth-minded team of marketers. Kelly is a #1 Bestselling Business Author, whose chapter on Inbound marketing is featured in Brilliant Breakthroughs For The Small Business Owner, Volume 2. When she’s not working with her clients and team, Kelly loves to travel and do yoga (her best vacation was visiting Bali for a yoga retreat!). Reading, cooking, going to concerts, snuggling her cats, and sharing time with family and friends also fill up Kelly’s cup.

Kelly(at) FilamentWI (dot) com

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