“Business Speed Dating” ~ Welcome to Fast Pitch Networking, Wisconsin.

Here’s your opportunity to talk with everyone! Practice your “elevator speech” because you’ll want to have time to share, and to listen, to 30-second commercials…as many as 20++…at this event!

Practice listening, too…so you can hit that pitch out of the park! We’ll be starting promptly at 9, so get there early to check-in and to enjoy the Coffee (and Danish and Juice and Water) bar.

We just passed the 2,500 member mark last week, and these are popular events!

***ITINERARY for Wisconsin Networking, Friday, April 26th, 2019***

8:30 AM CHECK-IN (detailed directions and free parking behind the building)

9 AM Three minute introduction of our Hosts, Dennis Hill, Ph.D., and Wendy Frausto, both of EXACTA Corporation

9:03 The fastpitch Wisconsin Networking begins!

Attendees will be in Group A or B.
Group A will be on one side of the tables.
Group B on the other.
Starting at 9:03, you’ll have 4 minutes to:
A) Give your 30-second commercial
B) Give your 30-second commercial
A) Ask questions
B) Answer questions and ask your own
A) Answer Questions
A+B) Decide between yourselves if you’d like to pursue a deeper one-on-one meetup another time. We encourage 1:1 meetings between our Meetup events for more Wisconsin Networking. If appropriate and agreed upon, set up multiple follow-ups!
All the “A” people get up, move one chair to the right, and we start again!
We’re hoping to get each of us together with as many as 20 or 25+ other people for a great, personal exchange of ideas and info in two hours, plus networking time before the event and any arrangements to enjoy one-on-one meetings after our Wisconsin networking meetup!

11:10 – END

Click on the “I’m going” button to start your registration now! You will be able to network with other authentic relationship builders. Bring plenty of business cards and brochures to share!

Your attendance at Wisconsin Business Owners means you may be shown on tape…and you’re okay with that!

Please contact Keith at 262-853-7900 or Maggie (“Contact the Organizers” button) with suggestions or questions, anytime.


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