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Let's take a look at all 8 areas of your life and what will bring you contentment, peace and joy. The first session is $20 and we do goal setting in all 8 areas of your life. As we continue to work together we "knock out the blocks" that have been short circuiting your ability to manifest the life you want. 30 years experience in private coaching, team building and career development for entreprenures. Sunni has traveled most of the world alone....gathering friends and experiences along the journey and written books about traveling safe and light. She is highly intuitive and can get down to the core of the issue quickly and that means that you can make breakthroughs faster than the speed of light. Take the test drive for $20.oo it's well worth the experience [masked] over 5,000 private clients and thousands of seminar attendees. Not how you can get more,more,more but what really will make you happy and peaceful when you achieve it. most Americans don't know contentment.